The Moon Phases – Using Moon Energy in your Spells

Moon Phases

The Moon Phases – Using Moon Energy in your Spells

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The diagram shows the Moon in different positions along its orbit around the Earth. The Sun is off in the distance, lighting the Earth-Moon system. At any position, half of the Moon is illuminated by the Sun (the light side of the Moon), and half is not (the dark side). Also, half of the Moon is visible to the Earth (the near side of the Moon), and half is not (the far side). As the Moon moves around the Earth, we can see different fractions of the illuminated half of the Moon.

When the Moon is between the Earth and the Sun (1), the near side of the Moon is the dark side. The Moon cannot be seen. We call this New Moon, the beginning of a new cycle of lunar phases. When the Earth is between the Sun and the Moon (5), the near side is the light side. We call this Full Moon, even though we only see half the Moon.

Halfway in between these times (3 & 7), only half of the near side of the moon is illuminated by the Sun. So we can only see one-quarter of the Moon. We call these phases First and Third Quarters.

The Phases Of The Moon

When the moon is getting bigger (phases New to Full), it is waxing. When it is getting smaller (phases Full to New), it is waning.

Phases of the Moon DiagramFor example, if today the Moon were a waxing crescent, then tomorrow, the crescent shape would continue to grow larger, approaching the first quarter. After the first quarter, the Moon would be a waxing gibbous and continue growing until it reached full. The Moon would then begin to shrink, becoming first a waning gibbous and eventually reaching the third quarter. Following the third quarter, it becomes a waning crescent and continues to shrink until it becomes invisible at the new Moon.

If the edge of the Moon (the real edge of the Moon, not the edge of night on the moon) is curved like a “C”, the gibbous Moon is shrinking. Another way to think of it is that the Moon always grows or shrinks from the right to the left.

Using Moon Energy in your Spells

The Esbats (Full and New Moons) are considered to be days and nights of work and are associated with the Moon, whereas the Sabbats are associated with the Sun. The phase of the moon plays a large part in which a ritual or spell is performed as each phase of the moon is a special time when spells with certain qualities are stronger and more likely to work. Witches believe the spells conjured during these times will take the full cycle of the moon to be empowered. It is important to keep your intent pure during the conjuring, and once you have concluded your spell and closed your circle, let it go and allow the Goddess to deliver the energy.

New Moon

The New Moon marks the moment when the Moon leaves the same astrological point of the sun and begins its rotation around the Earth. For three days from the moment, it leaves that astrological point it is our New Moon. Spells of new beginnings, personal growth, healing, and blessings are empowered by its energies. The results should be evident by the first full moon.

Waxing Moon

The Moon is Waxing three days after the New Moon till three days before the crest of the Full Moon. As the Moon appears to grow as it traverses the sky, so does it’ s magnetic force on the tides of the oceans. Now is the time to use your Magick to draw things to you. During this phase of the Moon, weave spells for empowering new projects, healing, growth, blessings, and prosperity.

Full Moon

As the Full Moon shines its brightest in our night sky, it exerts the greatest influence upon our magickal workings. Spells for divination, protection, prosperity, and magick may be worked during this time of great power and energy. Spell working may begin three days before the Full Moon, the night itself, and three days after, however, most Witches agree that the greatest power is to be drawn from the very night of the Full Moon.

Waning Moon

From 3 days after the crest of the Full Moon till three days before the Dark Moon, the Moon is Waning. As it recedes and appears to diminish, it is the time we may cast spells to aid in banishing unwanted situations, harmful relationships, associations, and break bad habits. It is also a time when we may weave our magick to encourage reconciliations.

Dark Moon

The Moon is Dark in the last three days of its cycle. As it completes its rotation back to the same astrological point of the Sun, we are allowed to view its shadow side. This is a powerful time of MAGICK OF SELF, a time to turn your magick inwards, seeking enlightenment and connection with YOUR shadows that hide in Your darkness. Past life meditations, facing fear spells, and divination spells are powerful. As we embrace Samhain as the dark cycle of the Wheel of the Year, we also embrace the dark cycle of the Moon.

Blue Moon

Our beloved Blue Moon is the second of a Full Moon occurring in a single month. This Moon should be embraced as a gift from the Goddess as a time of POWERFUL MAGICK. The astrological aspects are usually incredible, and a chance to work with this kind of energy should never be passed up. Same energy as the Full Moon just incredibly stronger.

Black Moon

The Black Moon is the second of a Dark Moon occurring in a single month. This Moon should be embraced as a gift from the Goddess. The astrological aspects are usually incredible and rare as a Black Moon is, a chance to perform magick with this energy should never be passed up. Same energy as the Dark Moon just incredibly stronger.

The Lunar Eclipse

Lunar eclipses are special events that only occur when certain conditions are met. First of all, the Moon must be in full phase. Secondly, the Sun, Earth, and Moon must be in a perfectly straight line. If both of these are met, then the Earth’s shadow can block the Sun’s light from hitting the Moon.

Lunar EclipseThere are three types of lunar eclipses. Which one we will see depends on the alignment of the three celestial objects. But first, you need to know that the Earth’s shadow is broken up into two parts. The umbra is the darker part of the shadow, where no part of the Sun can be seen. The penumbra is lighter than the umbra because part of the Sun can be seen.

So, when part of the Moon passes through the umbra, this is called a partial eclipse. When all of the Moon passes through the umbra, this is called a total eclipse. Finally, when the Moon only passes through the penumbra, this is called a penumbral eclipse.

Esbats – A 13 Moon Journey to Enlightenment

As daughters of Goddess, we believe the Full Moon to be a time of Magickal Workings in the Light of the Goddess. To see Her in all Her glory brings us humbly to our knees with the desire to be the best we can be. It is also our belief to be authentic is to be empowered and capable of great Magick. As a Witch, I try to attune my life with Her and the cycles of Earth and Moon. I along with some of the women I have shared Circle with lovingly share all our writings of celebration with all women. We hope it brings you the peace, comfort, and prosperity it has given us.

The Goddess Within – A 13 Moon Journey to Enlightenment

It is clear in ancient times; men feared what they could not understand, feel, or share. Our blessed Mother Earth they could stand upon, fight for, and rule over. Her natural rhythms, however, they could not control. The Moon and its rhythm, symbolic of the flow of life that was a woman’s cycle waswere dis-guarded, and their own calendars were created. With Christianity came the Great Father as if time began at that point. The Goddess that the tribes of old had worship since the beginning of time was no longer allowed without great threat to one’s well being. In controlling the worship of the Goddess, they attacked her presence in all women. To be thought unclean during her natural cycle was to deny a woman her heritage as a part of something sacred. The blood of the Goddess flows eternal, and as daughters of the Goddess, we will align our cycles with mother Earth. An endless circle of birth life and death…

As we begin our journey with the Goddess, let me clarify this is not a fact-finding historic study. There are as many legends or myths of the Goddess as there are names for Her. Her people adapted Her to suit their needs of survival, and legends were taught to the young, ever-changing with the changes of the land. We will focus more on the energies and the different Aspects of the Goddess. Her many roles in history will be the foundation of our search within for our own Devine Feminine. We are each the Goddess of our Kingdom. The insecurities, the fears, and the shadows are of our own makings by not living up to the strengths, joys, and wisdom that are ours as women. Society has taught us our roles are supportive to men, but deep inside of every woman, there is ancient knowledge that we are indeed unique in our own right. We are capable of deep emotions, love beyond ourselves, and sacrifices that prove great strength. We are capable of vengeance that can only be matched by the wisdom we seek. We are the Maiden, Mother, and Crone of time. The Earth is changing, and our roles as women change with it. The healing begins within for when we are authentic and honor the Goddess we truly are; we honor the Goddess Mother Earth and Life itself.

Create your own 13-month journey of self-discovery from our Esbats we lovingly share. They were written and celebrated through our interpretation of the reflected message in alignment with the Wheel of Mother’s rhythms. Begin with the next Full Moon; Goddess awaits you.

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