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Trinity of the Priestess – Colorado Dragonfest 2007

Coven Members: North East South West Sister to Cut Circle Trinity Story Maiden Mother Crone Sister Sister Sister Prepare Sacred Space All will help Prepare the Altar All will help Chanting going on as participants enter circle. The Sisters will assist at the gate to direct participants inside, smudging and anointing as they enter. South directs circle to gather in/adjust. When ready Circle is ready South will step into center of circle waiting for chant to end. When ready will call out to everyone to stand [...]

Pentacle of the Priestess – Colorado Dragonfest 2006

A Pentacle will be outlined in center of Circle with cauldron in center. Spirit Earth Air Water Fire Cut Circle Goddess Charge Maiden Mother Crone Sister Sister We will cast Circle (Travel once deosil around the circle chanting continuously with aid of all) By Air, by Water, by Fire, by Stone By breath and womb and blood and bone I walk the spiral; I circle ‘round To consecrate this holy ground. (Walk into center of circle, turn in place deosil, chanting with aid of all) With the [...]


Dragonfest is a wonderful gathering of the Pagan faith held in Colorado every August. It is a festival of like minds made possible by the caring spirits who give of themselves in time and knowledge to share the old religion through workshops and rituals in a weeklong celebration. It is with great pride and honor the Coven of the Goddess presented the Women's Ritual for 2006 and 2007 Dragonfest. The sisters who presented Ritual as well as the 200 plus [...]

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