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Herbs for Magickal and Medicinal Purposes

There are two basic ways a witch can use herbs in her healing practices: For magickal purposes For medicinal purposes These methods may overlap, as herbs may be simultaneously used for medicinal and magical purposes. The ways in which herbs are prepared and used may also overlap, as herbal oils, incense, and teas may be used for both medicinal and magical purposes. Magickal Herbs In addition to their medicinal purposes, herbs can also be used in many forms of magic for healing [...]

The Metaphyscial Properties of Stones

I personally believe stones are a gift from the earth and have power and wisdom inside of them that reflect Goddess. They vibrate with the pulse of life that reflects Goddess - but the subtle little electric pulse really doesn't begin to explain why a piece of Labradorite is protective or why black Hematite can absorb negative energies. It is only when one accepts that we are all connected and that by becoming one with the reflection of Goddess [...]

House Energies and Rulerships

The First House The energy of Aries fills this house. The ruler is Mars. The Ascendant. Your projected behavior, temperament, how you react to those around you, your appearance and self-expression is learned and perfected in this house. The ascendant is the gateway to the first house. The natural self surveys and integrates all energies that move through this house to create identity. The Second House The energy of Taurus fills this house. The ruler is Venus. Your material side. [...]

Houses of the Zodiac

The astrological wheel, or mandala, is a map of the space surrounding us at the time of our birth. The wheel is divided into twelve sections called houses -- six houses in the sky above, six beneath the Earth below. These houses are numbered counterclockwise, starting with the 1st house and the direction east, on the left-hand side of the wheel. Planets in the heavens are placed on the chart wheel in the houses that correspond to where they [...]

Planets and their Influences

Our solar system that our astrology system is based upon consists of the Earth, The Sun, the Moon and eight other planets that revolve in a precise and ordered pattern. This pattern marks not only our days, but our seasons, our years and our lives. Because each entity in our solar system moves at a different speed, rate, separate path or orbit, the combinations of the placements of the planets are almost endless. At the moment of your birth, [...]

Forms of Herbal Remedies

Infusions Infusions are a simple way of extracting the active principles of herbs through the action of hot water. The preparation of infusions is similar to way we prepare tea. This method is used to extract the volatile components of the dried or green aerial parts of herbs and plants like flowers and leaves. Infusions may use single herbs or a blend and are drunk hot or cold. Certainly this is the most common and cheap method of extracting the [...]

Herb Lore and Magick

Acacia - Protection, Psychic Powers Adam & Eve Roots - Love, Happiness Adders Tongue - Healing African Violet - Spirituality, Protection Agaric - Fertility Agrimony - Protection, Sleep Ague Root - Protection Alfalfa - Prosperity, Anti-hunger, Money Alkanet - Purification, Prosperity Allspice - Money, Luck, Healing Almond - Money, Prosperity, Wisdom Aloe - Protection, Luck Aloes, Wood - Love, Spirituality Althea - Protection, Psychic Powers Alyssum - Protection, Moderating Anger Amaranth - Healing, Protection, Invisibility Amber - Success, [...]

Understanding Chakras

There are many studies of energy, Goddess and magick. There are books, covens and teachers. There are methods taught, tools assigned and rituals preformed. There are as many thoughts given as there are names for the different paths. What is real for one is not truth for another. It is endless. There is one very important thing to remember – do not get lost in the translation of others – Be true to yourself and seek within for what you [...]

The Pentagram

Through the ages, the symbol of the pentagram, or pentacle has been viewed with great suspicion. It has been seen as a symbol of evil and as a trademark of the Christian Devil and Devil worship. As any Pagan can tell you, we do not believe in a "Devil" of any form, let alone use a symbol that is supposed to be its "trade mark." On the pentacle, our sacred symbol, each point of the star represents one element, being [...]

The Elements and the Watchtowers

Earth Earth is the element of form, binding, and manifestation. From an occult perspective the element of Earth is the lowest in vibratory rate of the four elements. Creatures known as Gnomes, a dwarf-like race, live within the elemental realm of Earth. In a metaphysical sense, Earth is associated with the Northern quarter, and the color green - symbolizing its vitality and life. The pentacle is our magickal tool that represents Earth, our spirituality and connection with Goddess/life. In astrology the [...]

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