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Goddess Aphrodite

Aphrodite, the beautiful goddess of love, was the only goddess who had neither a father nor a mother. Nobody knew from where she had come. The West Wind had first seen her in the pearly light of dawn as she rose out of the sea on a cushion of foam. She floated lightly over the gentle waves and was so lovely to behold that the wind almost lost his breath. With soft puffs, he blew her to the flowering island...

Goddess Aphrodite’s Prosperity Ritual

Roses, one for each Covener to have one, shall be placed on the altar. Coven Members needed for: Cut the Circle Water and Earth Fire and Air Bless the Circle Invoke Goddess High Priestess Hand Maiden Mother Crone Summoner East Watchtower South Watchtower West Watchtower North Watchtower Cake and Wine Summoner sage all that enter Circle Do you come in perfect love and perfect trust? Coveners answer bless and dedicate all with Goddess Aphrodite's Oil and pentacle over third eye chakra Sister to Sister in perfect love...

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