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The Elements of Magic and the Watchtowers

The Element Earth Earth is the element of form, binding, and manifestation. From an occult perspective, the element of Earth is the lowest in vibratory rate of the four elements. Creatures known as Gnomes, a dwarf-like race, live within the elemental realm of Earth. In a metaphysical sense, Earth is associated with the Northern quarter, and the color green - symbolizing its vitality and life. The pentacle is our magickal tool that represents Earth, our spirituality and connection with Goddess/life. In astrology...

Elements of Your Zodiac Sign

Fire Signs There are three Fire Signs; Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Fire signs embody the idea of “the spark of life”, the will to live and the primal energy that ignites and sustains all existence. Fire types tackle life in an uncomplicated way; confronting obstacles they meet head on, with almost child-like innocence. They can be disarmingly direct and honest, even when serving their own interests. Fire people need space to express themselves freely and spontaneously. They are direct, assertive and passionate...

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