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Getting a Psychic Reading

Because some spells can often take time to come to fruition some people are concerned that they will not be able to have psychic readings undertaken during this time. They are also often concerned with the fact that a psychic reading might somehow negatively influence the magic of the spell and impede its progress or even prevent it from manifesting at all. There are many ways in which you can access psychic readings today, not least in that some, like [...]

What is Divination? All you need to know!

Divination is the ability to assess a person’s state of being and the state of energies that are involved in a person’s life in order to determine a likely turn of events. Divination is not fortune-telling. No one is capable of seeing the future for certain because there is no certain singular future. There exists only a range of possibilities—some of which are more likely to occur than others. Shanddaramon Divination is an important tool to include in any witch’s toolbox. [...]

Magick Mirrors and Scrying Spells

Divination has fascinated human beings since the dawn of time, it seems. Life has always been uncertain, and we have always wanted to know what is coming. Perhaps it is impatience. Perhaps it is a desire to control the world around us. Whatever the reason, we seem to have always been able to find individuals with special skills and special tools to forecast our fates. Mirrors have played an integral part in the art of scrying to see the [...]

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