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A Witches Altar

I like to think of altars as a witch’s “home base.” They are the physical foundation of a witch’s spiritual practice and can be erected on a permanent, a semi-permanent, specific, or even spontaneous basis. This section of the class will talk about the various ways and reasons to create altars for our practice. Like meditation, many spiritual traditions utilize altars. The altar becomes a focal point of the ritual or practice. It is also a work space where the [...]

Sacred Space & Sacred Practices

Meditation Meditation is a practice that is utilized by every faith tradition. The form of meditation that I will be teaching in this class is the practice that I have learned from the Tibetan Buddhist lineage. This is the first level of mastering the mind for magickal work. At its most basic, meditation is the practice of clearing & quieting the mind. This is easier than it sounds. Our minds are constantly humming with activity. A meditation practice works to create [...]

Altar of the Goddess

We sing to Thee Great Goddess Our hearts call Your names May we always tend Your Altars and light Your sacred flames. An Altar is a place of centering, a beginning and an ending of honoring the Goddess in Circle and Ritual. What is done at the Altar sets the mind into motion, to a-l-t-E-r the consciousness, connect with the Goddess and to manifest one’s desired will/magick. There are as many thoughts on the “proper setting” of an Altar as there are [...]

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