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Protection Magick Spell

Do the Pentacle of the Priestess meditation including chant. As you visualize the light of Goddess flowing through you as the Pentacle of the Priestess visualize all the power shifting to your right index finger and middle finger. Trace a pentagram over what you want protected with your index/middle finger Visualize the light of self (Pentacle of the Priestess) flowing from self into the pentagram you are tracing Trace three times while chanting: With this pentagram I lay Protection here both night and day And to [...]

Breaking a Bond Spell

Take an object that reminds you of the person you are trying to forget or let go and an object that represents self. Tie them together with a red ribbon. Hold the items in your hand and visualize the separation with a peaceful outcome for both parties. Say out loud: At one time there was a love that grew These (say items) held us true, That was then, just memories now So this healing for myself I vow, Upon the shelf these (items) go, A future for [...]

Ending Poverty of the Soul Spell

In the safety of Full Moon Circle sit in front of fire with Hecate Herbs and Aphrodite Oil. Open and cleanse all Chakras. Center and go within. Hecate Herbs: Broom, Burdock, Chamomile, Red clover, Comfrey, Life everlasting, Blue malva, Patchouli, Yarrow Aphrodite Oil: Almond, Geranium rose, Jasmine, Lemon, Lavender, Magnolia, Nag champa, Neroli, Patchouli, Rose, Rosewood, Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang. There is a place deep inside of you where poverty lives. It's a place where you are not strong enough, pretty enough, thin [...]

Prosperity Magick Spell

Items needed: altar oil bowl of consecrated salt water green candle 5 silver coins your witches wand dragons blood small table (next to altar) Collect all items in a Full Moon Circle. Set bowl of salt water, green candle and 5 silver coins in center of table, draw a pentacle with wand and dragons blood-chanting a line with each line of the pentacle drawn. Hail to thee Great Mother In thee are love and truth united In thee are all things held in [...]

The Magick Mirror Spell

Items needed for the Magick Mirror Spell Photo/picture frame with removable glass and back Black high gloss paint, paint brush Dried herbs: Angelica Root, Broom, Camphor, Dragon's Blood, Lavender, Lemon Grass, Orris Root, Patchouli Peppermint, Rose, Rue, Yarrow, Dried Moss Collect all items in a Full Moon Circle. In a mortar crush all herbs into a powder. Mix with paint till you have a thick tar like substance. While mixing herbs, raise power by chanting: Magick herbs of earths delight, I [...]

Life Spell

Items needed for the Life Spell altar cover with pentacle drawn on it sage smudge stick 6 candles consecrated and blessed (representing Goddess, the 4 elements and self) representation of self/health, spirit, earth/home, east/knowledge, fire/work, west/family (these should represent personal goals and desires you wish to manifest Set up altar to the right of Goddess altar. Always work this spell inside of your sacred circle as altar of self. Place candle and representation of self in the center of pentagram. [...]

Goal Manifesting Spell

Work this spell in a New Moon Circle. You will only need a pen and paper. Blessed Be my Goddess, Mother unto all. You are my hope and inspiration, I invoke your magick tonight. The path I choose is clear, it is my heart's desire. As I begin this journey grant me clear passage. I accept all lessons and consequences. As you have been with me from the beginning, be with me now and always. So mote it be. Close your [...]

Call of Justice to the Dark Goddess

Items needed for the Call of Justice Spell Blessing oil with drop of your blood added Altar cover with pentacle drawn with your blessing/blood Sage smudge stick Red candle Set up and smudge altar to the right of Goddess altar. Always work this spell inside of your scared circle as altar of self. Place red candle as representation of self in the center of pentagram. I call on you, the Dark Mothers of the Night! Hear me and come to me. You [...]

Banishing and Warding Spell

Tools needed for the Banishing and Warding Spell Pre-light candle in every room close all doors. Athame Consecrated water Besom Incense/censer Doves' blood Flat rock Entities for ward Food for ward Collect all items in a Waning Moon Circle. How to Cast the Banishing and Warding Spell On a night when the moon is full, after proper bath, cast circle and raise energy. (Circle should be cast away from "the Place" to be cleared or proper protection should be taken) Draw pentacle [...]

Using Moon Energy in your Spells

The Esbats (Full and New Moons) are considered to be days and nights of work and are associated with the Moon, where as the Sabbats are associated to the Sun. The phase of the moon plays a large part in which a ritual or spell is performed as each phase of the moon is a special time when spells with certain qualities are stronger and more likely to work. Witches believe the spells conjured during these times will take [...]

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