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Breaking a Bond Spell

Breaking Bond Spell

Breaking a Bond Spell

Take an object that reminds you of the person you are trying to forget or let go and an object that represents self. Tie them together with a red ribbon.

Hold the items in your hand and visualize the separation with a peaceful outcome for both parties.

Say out loud:

At one time there was a love that grew
These (say items) held us true,
That was then, just memories now
So this healing for myself I vow,
Upon the shelf these (items) go,
A future for myself I grow…

Take items and break or cut the red ribbon that bound them together and place items on a shelf.

This symbolizes something that you liked or loved once and had an importance in your life, but now is just another knick knack collecting dust. A nice memory but no longer a precious possession.

Give thanks to Goddess.

Blessed Be

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