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Coven Ritual for Goddess Asherah

The Altar will be prepared and adorned to honor Goddess Asherah Coven Members needed: High Priestess Crone Hand Maiden Mother Summoner: East Watchtower South Watchtower West Watchtower North Watchtower Summoner sage all that enter Circle Do you come in perfect love and perfect trust?   Maiden Bless and dedicate all with Goddess Asherah's Oil and pentacle over third eye chakra Sister to Sister we share this circle all will cast circle Summoner Goddess Asherah's Story High Priestess And her daughters spoke as they stood at the altar of the Holy One. Blessed Be...

Goddess Asherah, the Forgotten Goddess

The Canaanites were the inhabitants of what is now Palestine and actually became a general term for "all the inhabitants" of the land of ancient Israel. They were a peaceful prosperous people who worshiped both male and female deities. Their pantheon tracing back to a Mother of the Sea - Goddess Asherah and a father of the heavens - El. The worship of Goddess Asherah is no different than the myths of many ancient people who created a loving Mother...

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