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Coven of the Goddess is an authentic, affordable, and most of all honest spell casting service provider. A powerful team of 13 utterly gifted, and globally respected true witches with 390 years of combined actual spell casting experience.

When you choose to work with us, you will embark on a highly rewarding spiritual journey like no other… Our powerful spells produce positive results and metaphysical miracles on a daily basis.

You will know our name is Coven of the Goddess when all your wishes and desires materialize before your very eyes.

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Real Witches cast Real Spells on Your Behalf

It is difficult for some people to believe that real witches do exist because they think of the stereotypical types of witches found in the movies and pop culture.  There may not be old women with large, scary noses hovered over a caldron and inciting wicked incantations with large pops and smoke flaming from the pot but that does not mean that real witches don’t exist.  Most people who believe in witchcraft know that there are witches but that they do not have anything to do with how witches are portrayed in the mainstream light. Therefore, when you work with The Coven of the Goddess, you work with real witches, those that actually walk the walk, instead of only talking the talk. 

Nothing but Positive Results

None of our spells have any negative side effects. It’s against our spiritual, moral and ethical believes to cast spells that would harm anyone. Even the spells that are used to enrich one’s life do not to cause any harm.  Plus, most real witches are familiar with the three fold law which will triple their power mentally, physically and spiritually for either good or evil.  The rituals that are used combine Earth elements such as wind, fire, Earth and water along with incantations to bring about love and prosperity to all human souls.

Latest Posts in our Blog

Signs you are Cursed

Last Updated on December 28, 2019 by Coven of the Goddess There can be several reasons for someone placing a curse, hex, or jinx upon you. Unfortunately, one of the most common is actually when a spell has either been misdirected, or you have been caught up in the middle when a hex was meant […]

What is Karma?

Last Updated on December 28, 2019 by Coven of the Goddess Although many people in the West are often heard to talk of ‘negative’ or ‘bad’ Karma, few people truly understand it. Deeds and Intentions Karma basically involves our own deeds and intent, and the condition of our Karma is a reflection of whether those […]

How Love Spells Work

Love spells can work in many different ways and really require only one thing in respect of the person who has cast the spell or had it cast on their behalf: faith. Yet, as explained in previous articles, both faith and positive thinking cannot be genuinely manifested through thin air, they need to have an […]

The Importance of Positive Thinking in Magic

Although there is often many references to positive thinking as a broad concept, if we actually sit down and examine it, the words themselves mean little in application. Thinking positively does not really mean walking around with a smile on your face, having an optimistic outlook and believing all will turn out nicely in the […]

Why it is Important to Cleanse your Aura

Your Aura is the field of energy which surrounds you. Under normal circumstances it is made up a rainbow of crystal clear colors which not only reflect who you are but also your life experiences. When we are born this aura is perfect, yet as we grow not only can it be affected by our […]

Can a Spell Bring Back My Ex?

Losing a lover is commonplace and, most often, we aren’t too deeply affected by the break-up and in some cases we aren’t affected at all. But there are the rare occasions when we feel that something more than romance, passion or commonality has been lost. We feel that we have lost the opportunity for a […]

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