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Signs you are Cursed


Signs you are Cursed

There can be several reasons for someone placing a curse, hex or jinx upon you. Unfortunately, one of the most common is actually when the spell has either been misdirected or you have been caught up in the actions caused when a hex is meant for someone else. Other reasons for bad intention spells being sent are, of course, jealousy, greed, and often an ill-conceived idea that the caster is seeking revenge.

Indirect Curses

Spotting that a curse is affecting your life can sometimes be easier than others. For example, if you are having lots of problems connected with your work such as decreased orders affecting you working hours, unforeseen cutbacks and the threat of job losses, it could well be that a competitor is sending a curse toward the business or your boss and you have become collateral damage. Getting caught up in crossfire such as this is probably more common than you realize and it can happen in all kinds of situations such as neighborhood disputes or even arguments between friends.

Misdirected Curses

Sometimes the spell is simply misdirected. In this case it might be that the spell has not simply missed the target because of poor spell casting but that you have been mistakenly identified. One such example my be where someone genuinely believes you are the person having a relationship with their partner when in fact you are completely innocent. These cases often can result in your having problems within your own relationship for no specific reason, so are relatively easy to spot.

General Curses and the Signs

When you have been cursed directly other signs are a general state of moroseness. You might also have disturbed dreams that live on with you into the next day whereas before you never suffered from such issues.

Other general problems which can arise are if you start either becoming quarrelsome or finding people are particularly quarrelsome with you which is completely contradictory to their normal behavior.

You might also find that you start to suffer from financial problems. Somehow you are hitting a period where, for no apparent reason, outgoings are exceeding income. What can also happen is that you incur a lot of unforeseen expenses; cars breaking down, household goods expiring shortly after the warranty has. Maybe building repairs, tax demands and the like.

You might also be suffering from an overall feeling of apathy, a lack of well being and your normal optimistic outlook seems to have been exchanged for a pessimistic one. Undiagnosed illnesses can also occur. There might not be anything specific wrong with you but still your general state is substantially lower than normal.

All these things can, in their own way, indicate not only that a spell has been cast but sometimes the kind of spell which has been sent. All, of course, have negative connotations whether they are linked to one particular aspect of your life or to many.

Curse Removal Spells

Curse Removal Spells are available to restore the balance of your life and, in most cases, will return the hex upon the sender under the Three-fold Rule. Yet still this might see you vulnerable to either purposeful or accidental attack in future.

Protection Spells

Prevention being preferable to cure, we take the view that our Protection Spell is well worth activating under most circumstances whether you are currently suffering from a hex or not. It will provide you with a spiritual shield which in the future will provide you with a defense against negative intention spells affecting your life. If, of course, you consider you are currently being affected by a curse, then a Removal Spell is necessary before you activate a Protection Spell.

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