Goddess Eos

Goddess Eos

Goddess Eos

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I greet Thee, Eos Goddess of the Dawn, who brings the newborn day; the stars are gone, and fled before Thy face; both Sleep and Night are routed by Thy torch, and put to flight. The flowers are awakened by Thy dew, and turn toward the light, for You renew their life; so also may Thy dew revive my soul today with thanks to be alive. You care for all that’s fresh and young, so care for me, to whom Thy dew has clung. For You remind us that the darkest night must yield to day and flee before the light. I pray Thee, shining Dawn, to bring to me abundant wisdom, love, and energy. I ask Thee, gracious Goddess, for a wealth of hope, of time to do, of strength and health. Especially, this day I ask of Thee: (fill in request) So mote it be!

I give my thanks for all this day may bring, all things embraced by Dawn and Evening.

Goddess Eos (E is pronounced as in be, os as in lost)

I am Eos Goddess of the Dawn, and to you, my daughters, I will share my story. I am the dawn of time and worshiped by the ancient people whose myths are lost in time itself. From the early writings of the Egyptians, I was known as Isis and nursed the young Horus as a symbol of beginnings. In Babylon, I was worshiped as Goddess Ishtar. To the ancient Etruscans ( i-trus-kens …ancient Etruria), I was Goddess Thesan (thes-an), to the Saxons – Goddess Ostara bringing the new beginnings of Spring. To the Romans Goddess Aurora of the Dawn Colors.

I have been called the Saffron Mother Goddess by many tongues, and my stories are more than can be told tonight. Tonight it as Goddess Eos, Dawn Goddess of the Titans we shall speak of.

As the Greeks saw the sun as male, I was destined to be transformed into the female Goddess who services the needs of a God or Gods. Certainly, one who would serve the Gods would be of un-comparable beauty and youth, and I am. I have wings of pure white adorning my back, and my robes are of reds, golds, and saffron. I have been called the Goddess of lust, saffron being an aphrodisiac none can resist. Funny in my transformation of a Goddess who lights the way for a God I was dressed to please.

I am a strong, fearless Goddess of war as the clarity of day always overcomes the dark uncertainty of night. Being a Goddess of light, one of my gifts is wisdom to those who seek. I am a Goddess a mortal would seek in strategy planning of war before embracing the powers of the Gods to carry them forth in the actual battle.

As Goddess Eos, I am known as eternal youth and renewal. My brilliance lights the morning sky announcing the sun’s return and a new day. It is said my “job as the colors of the dawn” is to open the gates of heaven that my brother Helios may ride his chariot across the sky and bring the fertility that only the sun can bring. In other myths, it is Apollo who follows in his chariot. It matters not who follows for this is my story, and I shall tell my story my way.

It is I who brings the sun. The blanket of reds, oranges, and pinks that spread across the wakening sky is the brilliance of my chariot drawn by my beloved horses Lampus and Phaethon (fe-ton). It is I who paints the sky in soft colors to the blinding brilliance of the sun. Yes, the Gods may follow, but it is I who lights the way for them to hold court with the other Gods, be it on Mt Olympus, the Heavens, or the Apennine (A-pi-nize) Mountains the Etruscans (i-trus-kens) bow to.

Even in myths concealed in your modern bible in the book of Revelations, I am called “the Woman Clothed in Sun”. My story again told as the Virgin Mary bringing forth the Son of God – the light of the world. Mary wore orange-red robes & a golden veil all dyed of saffron and unveiled herself only to the wise. The Virgin Mary, Mother of the light-bringer that banishes ignorance. Never doubt my daughters when you see her face in the temples built for a God it is I, you see.

I am also known as a Goddess of insatiable need of love. Ha! Maybe it is my laughter at this that lights the sky. I am the Goddess of new beginnings; why would I not have hunger for love and adventure? Why am I painted as a lonely Goddess looking for fulfillment outside of myself? Insatiable? Why not fearless of seeking what I desire! This insatiable need for love rumor began when I had a thirst with God Ares and what a thirst it was. Anyway, the very jealous Aphrodite thought to curse me to be eternally in love with God or mortal, choose as you believe. As if she had any control of a Goddess who was granted the gift of new beginnings every dawn. Ha!

So yes, I have had many lovers. And yes, many were marked and claimed to belong to another. Goddess Artemis certainly did not take kindly to my fling with Orion nor Zeus himself when he claimed my beautiful Ganymede (gan ye- med) for his own lustful desires. Oh, what I could tell you of Zeus, but on with MY story. The Prince of Troy, Tithonus (ti-hon-us), was most memorable lover, but my past history with Zeus would curse that union. Zeus had never forgotten or forgiven my fling with Ganymede and granted Tithonus immortality but not eternal youth. As much as I loved Tithous, I grew weary of his aging crippled body, and when the dawn cried to me each morning to live, I chose to answer. My lover, Tithonus eventuality, shriveled with old age into a grasshopper and sings his love for me for all eternity.

I had two children with Tithous, Emathion, and Memnon. Brilliant sons they were, and to this day, I can become so distraught over Achilles killing Memon in the Trojan war I am reduced to tears. When the dew covers the Earth at sunrise, know it is I mourning the loss of my beloved son.

I would bear many children with the many lovers who crossed my paths. Their spirits can be seen in the aurora borealis that the Inuit people celebrate in the high northern latitudes. Divination and wisdom of what happened in the past and what is to come with the future are whispered to those who listen to the colors of the aurora borealis. With God Astraios, I gave birth to the Four Winds: Boreas, Eurus, Zephyrus, and Notus. Along with my daughters, the stars they travel daily to visit me on the western shores of Oceanus, the ocean that surrounds the world.

Ah, to live for eternity in love. To you, my daughters, I say love. They twisted my stories to paint me as desperate for love, but this is not true. I celebrate and indulge love. I am wise enough to know hate will fester and destroy one’s spirit while love nurtures one’s true colors and brilliance. To love self with such abundant love that it seeps into every aspect of your life. To know the true meaning of the dawn and the colors that spread before you are me, Goddess Eos calling you to live. Look deep into the colors of the dawn and be filled with magick, divination, wisdom, and clarity. Rule your world as I rule mine, true to self, and answer to no one for you are the light-bringer upon your path. Unlike the story, they will tell of me; you are not born into the service of anyone if it does not serve you look forward into the dawn and embrace renewal. It is your brilliance that lights your way, your choices, and the love of self that sets you free. Every day you wake, it is a new day, a new opportunity to claim authenticity of self if you only remember you and I are one. Paint your path with the colors of self and live my daughters.

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Goddess Eos Prayer and Invocation

Goddess Eos Prayer and Invocation

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  • Maria Duminica Reply

    What are the best offering that you have found for her?

    June 26, 2021 at 1:27 am
  • Kyle Thompson Reply

    She came to me during meditation, I’m so grateful she blessed me with her presence and excited to find this site. I’ve been researching her and looking for ways to honor her. Blessed be.

    January 28, 2020 at 8:24 pm
  • David Reply

    I want to meet with this beautiful goddess

    October 14, 2019 at 5:31 pm
    • Deus_EX_Machina Reply

      i have already met her, she is right now beside me, wanna ask her something?

      March 16, 2020 at 9:31 am

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