We Are Witches – Chant and Praise

We are witches Chant

We Are Witches – Chant and Praise

Last Updated on December 18, 2017 by Coven of the Goddess

by Kambrielle

We are strong, sexy, and proud. We walk with our heads held high, confidence in our strides, and power in our wake. Others watch us and want to be us, unable to comprehend how we can be so cool. Sometimes, people are intimidated. We are women. We are Witches.

But we still are human. Every moment of our lives is a lesson. There is something to be learned from every action and every re-action. We still cry, hurt, bleed. But we also laugh, rejoice, dance, and sing. With the Goddess within us, without us, around us, we are able to be strong, even when the world tries to tear us down. We allow no one to break us down with their insecurities, hatred, ignorance, greed. We understand that to pretend to be better than someone to bring ourselves up only hurts ourselves and those around us. We do not pretend, instead, we live our truth, and the truth of the Goddess. She is in our every step, thought, every word that escapes our lips. To spread negativity is to insult Her sacred system.

So while we are strong, filled with Her power, we are also human and humble, and vow to walk in her truth every day, with every action we take upon ourselves to commit. We are women of the Goddess. We are Witches.

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