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Do Spells Work?

Do Spells Really Work?

Despite all modern technology and knowledge has to offer, there can be little doubt that there are many things we still do not know. Take for instance the very word, ‘placebo.’ More often than not, clinicians will use this word to denote that something is all in the mind, or imaginary. And, because of this, the word placebo is quite derogatory in nature. Yet what modern science fails to accept is that very often placebos work the practical sense. Allowances [...]

Reasons for Love Spells

Reasons to use a Love Spell

When we think of love spells perhaps our minds tend to jump too easily to the conclusion that all love spells are about attracting new love, but this is certainly very far from the truth. There are many reasons for using a love spell and, as you will see, most of us have good cause for casting a spell involving love at some point in our lives. New Love If we are looking for new love, whether we are young or [...]

A Spell Backfiring

Do Love Spells Backfire?

When it comes to spells ‘backfiring’ the interpretation can be used to describe many different things and Love Spells backfiring are no more susceptible to this problem than any other spell which you might have cast on your behalf. The Right Practitioner As another article discusses there is much focus on secrecy when it comes to casting Wiccan spells and one reason for this is because spells, in the hands of the novice, can be miscast. In some situations this simply [...]

Circle Casting - How Witches cast the Circle. While casting the circle and creating scared space the words should be spoken from the heart as a connection with the elements are envisioned.

Circle Casting – How Witches cast the Circle

There are ancient ways to cast a circle, handed down from Witch to Witch to teach the ways of the old. There will be as many opinions as there are ways. Trust your heart and trust the Goddess. In creating sacred space the words should be spoken from the heart as a connection with the elements are envisioned. The words are empowered through your belief and your truth. The Goddess is eternal, she will show you the way. Blessed Be This [...]

What is Wicca

What is Wicca?

Although there is a tendency to categorize many of the practices which are outside, or even on the periphery of mainstream worship, as being something which is strongly related to our concept of the occult world, most of them, including Wicca are simply different forms of religion. And, if we simple scrape the surface of our ancestry, what we find is that many of these forms of worship preceded recognized religions by hundreds of years. The Practice of Wicca The practice [...]

History of Wicca

The History and Origin of Wicca

Although Wicca as a religion ,was introduced to the public in the 1950s by Gerald Gardner, it had existed for a few decades prior to that functioning as separate covens throughout England. Wicca is considered by some as a pagan religion and often referred to as Neopagan, which means it is a modern religion but with its foundation in ancient beliefs and the pre-Gardner covens highlight how deeply entrenched this form of worship is in respect of female involvement. Gardner himself [...]

Wiccan Traditions

Wiccan Traditions and Paths

Generally speaking, although Wicca has a set of guiding principles, each coven lays down its own rituals and rules. However, they also incorporate the opportunity to learn, develop and grow and so can be seen to allow a certain amount of flexibility into their practices. The coven established by Gerald Gardner, Gardnerism, is guided by the rules set down by the man himself and is strongly founded on the principle of family although it is also considered by some to [...]

Cleansing and Attuning Witchcraft Tools – Psychic grunge is attracted to psychic activity, it is heavy and will stick to anything you hold precious. This spell is to cleanse your tools and attune them to your spirit.

Cleansing and Attuning Tools

Psychic grunge is attracted to psychic activity, it is heavy and will stick to anything you hold precious. This spell is to cleanse your tools and attune them to your spirit. Items needed for cleansing and attuning your tools: All tools including book of shadows (all magick items) in a basket small table set up to left of altar red wine consecrated water and salt vial of oil red candle dove’s blood sage stick incense Gather all items in a full moon circle. Sage table and draw pentacle with dove’s [...]

Foundation of Magick

Foundations of Magick

Magick has been defined as ‘ The Art of Causing Change in Accordance with Will”. We cannot reach out directly upon the material level and touch the things of tomorrow, for upon this level they are yet . We can however, enter today, a subjective tomorrow in which we may touch the astral foreshadowing of those things, to bring them “nearer to desired will”. The mere naming of this mystery commands all reverence and circumspection; for, in this, we [...]

Wiccan Gods

Wiccan Horned God and the Triple Goddess

Most religions today are built on the concept of faith which revolves in some way around the teachings of one individual or deity. It is something we have become accustomed to in mainstream society and so anything other than this is quite often difficult for us to understand. Yet in Wiccan teachings the gods which they worship are not only those which are drawn from Pagan and ancient rituals and rites, but they can differ between covens. Although they all [...]

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