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Signs you are Cursed

There can be several reasons for someone placing a curse, hex or jinx upon you. Unfortunately, one of the most common is actually when the spell has either been misdirected or you have been caught up in the actions caused when a hex is meant for someone else. Other reasons for bad intention spells being sent are, of course, jealousy, greed, and often an ill-conceived idea that the caster is seeking revenge. Indirect Curses Spotting that a curse is affecting your [...]

What is Karma?

Although many people in the West are often heard to talk of ‘negative’ or ‘bad’ Karma, few people truly understand it. Deeds and Intentions Karma basically involves our own deeds and intent and the condition of our Karma is a reflection of whether those deeds and intentions were either good or bad. It does though probably help to learn that the concept of Karma often concerns those who have beliefs which involve reincarnation. This is because we can have bad Karma [...]

The Importance of Positive Thinking in Magic

Although there is often many references to positive thinking as a broad concept, if we actually sit down and examine it, the words themselves mean little in application. Thinking positively does not really mean walking around with a smile on your face, having an optimistic outlook and believing all will turn out nicely in the end. But life, unfortunately, is often full of nasty little episodes and quite a few surprises, so when it comes to thinking positive often it [...]

Why it is Important to Cleanse your Aura

Your Aura is the field of energy which surrounds you. Under normal circumstances it is made up a rainbow of crystal clear colors which not only reflect who you are but also your life experiences. When we are born this aura is perfect, yet as we grow not only can it be affected by our own negative thoughts and actions but also where we come into similar, external contacts. Self-governing Behavior As we stress throughout this website much of Wiccan worship [...]

How To Enhance Your Spell Work

Whether you have cast a spell yourself or had one cast on your behalf there is at least one thing you must remember; the Wiccan faith requires that you follow basic principles and failing to uphold these principles means that, in reality, you have little or no faith in this particular form of worship. Faith Wicca though does not require that you have faith in a particular spiritual deity, although, if you already belong to a coven then you will have [...]

Visualizing Where Your Spell’s Energy Will Go

Although there is often much talk about remaining positive when it comes to either casting a spell yourself or having one cast on your behalf, thinking positive sometimes isn’t as easy as it sounds. Often a better course of action to take is not only to visualize where you want your spell’s energy to go but also to focus on the action you want it to perform and, in particular, the potential outcome. Meditation and Science To do this effectively meditation [...]

The Difference between Karmic, Soulmate and Twin-Flame Relationships

Most people traverse the course of their life, not alone, but with someone. Indeed it is often one of the greatest fears of the human animal - that of being alone. But, no doubt, most of us settle for second best simply because of our innate fear of being alone. And also, of course, we often settle simply because society requires us to. Soulmates Yet frequently we hear of people searching for their soulmate. For that one individual who is our [...]

Do Love Spells Backfire?

When it comes to spells ‘backfiring’ the interpretation can be used to describe many different things and Love Spells backfiring are no more susceptible to this problem than any other spell which you might have cast on your behalf. The Right Practitioner As another article discusses there is much focus on secrecy when it comes to casting Wiccan spells and one reason for this is because spells, in the hands of the novice, can be miscast. In some situations this simply [...]

Cleansing and Attuning Tools

Psychic grunge is attracted to psychic activity, it is heavy and will stick to anything you hold precious. This spell is to cleanse your tools and attune them to your spirit. Items needed for cleansing and attuning your tools: All tools including book of shadows (all magick items) in a basket small table set up to left of altar red wine consecrated water and salt vial of oil red candle dove's blood sage stick incense Gather all items in a full [...]

Foundations of Magick

Magick has been defined as ‘ The Art of Causing Change in Accordance with Will”. We cannot reach out directly upon the material level and touch the things of tomorrow, for upon this level they are yet . We can however, enter today, a subjective tomorrow in which we may touch the astral foreshadowing of those things, to bring them “nearer to desired will”. The mere naming of this mystery commands all reverence and circumspection; for, in this, we [...]

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