The Difference between Karmic, Soulmate and Twin-Flame Relationships

Soul Mates

The Difference between Karmic, Soulmate and Twin-Flame Relationships

Most people traverse the course of their life, not alone, but with someone. Indeed it is often one of the greatest fears of the human animal – that of being alone. But, no doubt, most of us settle for second best simply because of our innate fear of being alone. And also, of course, we often settle simply because society requires us to.


Yet frequently we hear of people searching for their soulmate. For that one individual who is our destiny when it comes to relationships. When we meet them, we are assured, we will know and they will know. But often, sadly, this turns out not to be the case.

Frequently we find people wanting spells cast which are to return lost lovers and often these are the very ones who they consider were potential soulmates but who, for whatever reason, have been lost to them. They might have been separated by circumstance or due to trivialities, but usually it is only as time passes they come to realize that the opportunity for that once-in-a-lifetime relationship has passed them by.

Maybe they are wrong, maybe their ex partner does not have the same feelings toward them, however in a lot of cases they are reunited with their former lover and this is because the spell works simply by the definition that it was meant to work.

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Karmic Relationships

Karmic relationships too are ones where those who were meant to be have passed by each other not in this life but in a previous incarnation. Then by virtue of magic, fate or sheer determination they are guided together once again in this life. These people are in fact soulmates who simply missed one another the first time around then got a second chance at spending eternity together. Often in Karmic relationships you will find that both partners have simply no doubt from the start that they knew each other before and they should be together now. They rarely question it to any depth but both will usually admit this feeling unreservedly.

Twin-flame Soulmates

By contrast, Twin-flame soulmates are those people whose relationship goes outside of both Karmic and standard soulmate definitions. These are the couples who are not simply destined to be with one another but who are considered to be one and the same spirit. They are, if you will, two sides to the same coin. These people, although rare, will always attract the other because there is no one else even vaguely compatible. A Twin-flame who has a relationship outside of that than with their other half will never be, and indeed can never be, happy and fulfilled. Often though what appears to happen with such people is that if they do not meet their twin-flame soulmate in this life they will go through it alone and can only hope that they will meet them in the next incarnation or the life after that.

So here we do see differences in the three types of meant to be relationships. They are destined, they are perfectly compatible, but they do not always meet and automatically enter into an enduring relationship. Often they do not meet in this life and maybe they might not meet even in the next or even the one after that. However there seems to be some reassurance in that when they do eventually join together they will be assured of a relationship which will endure into any forthcoming existences as the couple they were destined to be.

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