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Goddess Persephone Coven Ritual for Samhain

Hand Maiden will place herbs (mixed from fall - harvest enough for every sister in circle to have a small hand full) in a caldron on the altar. The altar should be decorated in honor of Goddess Persephone. Place pomegranate juice and a small glasses for all underneath the altar. Coven Members needed for: High Priestess Crone Hand Maiden Mother Summoner East Watchtower South Watchtower West Watchtower North Watchtower Summoner sage all that enter Circle Do you come in perfect love and perfect trust? Maiden bless...

Goddess Persephone

Persephone, daughter of Demeter, was a young and beautiful Greek Goddess. Her innocence of the world grew from the love and protection her Mother surrounded her in. Persephone lived in eternal Spring, unaware of any existence outside Her Mother’s Realm. One day as Persephone was walking in a meadow she sees a flower, the beautiful narcissus - the flower of death. As she reaches down to pluck the flower the earth trembles and opens up releasing Hades from the underworld. His...

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