Goddess Persephone

Goddess Persephone

Goddess Persephone

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Persephone, daughter of Demeter, was a young and beautiful Greek Goddess. Her innocence of the world grew from the love and protection her Mother surrounded her in. Persephone lived in eternal Spring, unaware of any existence outside Her Mother’s Realm.

One day as Persephone was walking in a meadow she sees a flower, the beautiful narcissus – the flower of death. As she reaches down to pluck the flower the earth trembles and opens up releasing Hades from the underworld. His desire aroused by Her light of innocence and her seeing the beauty in the flower of death. Persephone had never seen anything like Hades and His shadow , the youthful maiden was equally drawn to him. As they danced around each other, the shadow and the light began to spiral around them – first in then out again.

Persephone’s Spiral Dance into the shadows of the underworld filled her with wisdom and knowledge of existence outside of her Mother’s realm. So bright was Goddess Persephone’ s light that Hades himself fell in love and shared with Her pomegranate seeds. For as all seek the Mother so shall the shadows seek the light. In sharing the pomegranate Hades shared the food of the dead that sustains lost souls as they wait on the Spiral Dance that is life. Goddess Persephone grew from a child into a woman, from a daughter of a Goddess into Goddess of her own kingdom. Her Kingdom being the sanctuary to the souls that travels between the realms as one must die to be reborn.

Goddess Persephone returned to Goddess Demeter, but as a deity unto herself. Goddess Demeter’s joy at the return of her daughter filled her with creativity and spring was granted. All seeds sprang forth life as new beginnings and grew into the summer. As with our sacred circle, the wheel turns endlessly, bringing with it the seasons. With harvest at end, Goddess Persephone grows restless for her own time and path. Goddess Demeter’s own need for renewal brings winter and once again we celebrate what has past and what has yet to come.

From an astrology point, the story of Persephone is fascinating. As Hades is representation of our planet Pluto, change is inevitable for Persephone. Pluto removes all that is necessary for one’s life to progress. One can not see the loss is in the best interest, but Pluto promises a brighter path with the change. One can “swim upstream” in the mist of Pluto but it will be wasted energy as change will come. Pluto is also the season of Scorpio, great passion, sexuality and death. All associated with Persephone.

Persephone our Goddess of Death and transformation is the gate of endings and beginnings that come with Samhain – our “New Year”. Seek her wisdom by seeking her visions. To seek Persephone is to take time to look inside, to contemplate in stillness and seek inner peace. Persephone shows a woman that she needs to find an inner sanctuary to seek and understand deep feminine power within to manifest or accept changes need to dance the Spiral Dance that is her path.

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