Goddess Demeter

Goddess Demeter

Goddess Demeter

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The name Demeter means “Earth Mother” or “Grain Mother” and is deep-rooted in the mythology of Minoan Crete. The Latin title “Dia Mater” (Mother Goddess) was used to describe Her in Rome. To the Greeks, Goddess Demeter was Mother to all that lived on blessed Earth. Goddess Demeter was also called Goddess Ceres by the Romans.

Who is Goddess Demeter?

Goddess Demeter stands a tall, beautiful woman in a flowing white gown. Snakes are often imaged with Her, the snake being a symbol of rebirth through the shedding of their skin. She is the Olympian goddess of the birth of the world; fruits, flowers, trees, and all living things are her gifts. She is the Goddess of fertility, corn, cultivated soil, and life’s dreams put into action. The torch she holds in one hand is a symbol of her passion for life. The wheat She holds in Her other hand is a sign of fertility for Demeter has known many lovers. In ancient times, one would pray to Demeter for a good harvest, or else one might starve in the winter. Demeter is the goddess to make sure of that, as the power to give is most notable when the opposing power to withhold is realized.

In the myth of Goddess Demeter, the world knew only summer and light. It was only when Her daughter, Persephone was abducted by Hades of the underworld that She came to know grief and shadow. Goddess Demeter’s wrath at the loss of Her daughter brought Gods, Goddesses, and mortals to their metaphorical knees when she demanded Her return. As female blood flows as one, her daughter’s abduction was a loss of Herself. Her grief and rage consumed Her. There was no energy for life, creativity, or love to be extended out. Without Her energy, there was no rebirth, and all growth stopped. Eventually, through her daughter’s love, Goddess Demeter shared the knowledge of the Underworld and the truth of the circle that is life. Through wisdom that comes from grief and as all-female blood flows as one, Goddess Demeter is the balance of death. She is life in all of its glory.

Her rituals are rituals of the mysteries of life. Devotees are taught to understand and observe the seasons of the Goddess. Once called the Great Mysteries, Her celebration was one of the most famous in the ancient world. People traveled great distances to partake of the ecstasy of Spirit that was promised through the sacred drink of Goddess Demeter.

Let us celebrate Goddess Demeter and Her love of Life as we celebrate the harvest of our abundance.

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