You Will See It When You Believe It

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You Will See It When You Believe It

Last Updated on December 18, 2017 by Coven of the Goddess

The brain process 400 billion bits of information per second, but we are only aware of 2,000 bits. So what happens to the rest of it?

In previous classes we discussed cellular memory and the debate of “do the cells as processors process the energy exchange and send information to the brain or does the brain process the energy exchange and send information to the cells”. If we are to give credit to the chakra system then we must believe energy exchange begins in the hundreds of chakras through out or body and filters into the cells as information.

To say the fire of a match would be processed by a chakra as energy, the cell associated with that chakra would receive the energy and through the network of information receptors (nerves) that makes up the human body send that information to the brain. The brain would register through associated patterns of stored knowledge what the exchange “IS” and sends back information to the cell. Cell the reacts and cellular memory is created.

An example of this exchange is mind over matter – the brain consciously chooses a different pattern – to imagine water when touching fire and sending alternative information back to the cell. The cellular memory then becomes altered and it receives the interaction of fire in a different reality of soothing opposed to burn. How else would firewalkers survive without burns or blister.

As a witch can we say this could apply o flying or experience other magickal experiences that defy muggle brain processing…

Can this statement be true?

So the brain has to decide what is important, and allow that information to be filtered to the conscious mind. It also has to decide what is not really relevant and send that information to the sub-conscious mind.

In my opinion this is relinquishing a lot of power. As a witch we must admit to preprogramming of outcome and expectations. Along with preprogramming there is daily sludge in just interacting in daily life. The brain is constantly distracted from what serves our higher need. And in my opinion unless one lives in present consciousness – how is the brain able to make such a distinction of what is important?

Truth is our brain functions in decision of what is important by our words and our beliefs which fuels cellular memory. An example, a woman who grew up in an environment where her father was abusive to her mother through infidelity and her mother accepts this behavior. Chances are this woman would develop a belief system that all men are unfaithful in relationships. There was not different belief system expose to her in childhood to develop different cellular memory.

Certainly we could see different scenarios redefining this woman:

  • a mother who taught her daughter boundaries
  • a mother who taught her daughter to be independent of the dysfunctions of others

It is the brains job to make sure that you are living in integrity with your beliefs and it immediately goes to work to filter out any information that contradicts your belief. Whose job is it to supervise the brain?

So back to the question, If the brain process 400 billion bits of information a second but we only realize 2,000 – what happens to the rest of the information?

Surely we cannot believe they become cellular memory or there would not be recognized reaction. It is my belief that cells process energy but when the brain does not recognize the energy through matched (learned patterns) there is no information sent back to cells to create cellular memory. The information is lost.

It is easy enough to believe some of our so call “crazies” maybe processing at a higher level than 2,000 bits processed. I also can believe our more enlighten spiritual leaders would process higher or lower depending upon desired attachment or detachment.

Is it not also easy to understand processing at a higher frequency is a key to the mysteries? To sense deeper into energy intent oppose to surface presentation. That by lower information processing one creates filters and blinders of brain and cellular memory. That if you take the time to examine the basis of your beliefs in the mysteries while in present consciousness of all that is possible in magick, and accept information that serves this purpose, you will no longer be a prisoner of your past doubts and limitations. If you change what you believe, you will change what you see. In a condensed reality we wear blinders – it is the brain that allows the eyes to see and the eyes can not see what is dismissed by an unsupervised brain.


In 1993 in Washington DC (the crime/murder capital of the nation at the time) 400 metaphysical Gurus gather to meditate on bringing the city’s crime rate down. There was a 25% reduction relating to the time of the meditation that even the police department had to acknowledge. But these were outside people who believed it was possible, when the meditation and time was over – their beliefs were removed from the energy of the city and the crime rate return to its previous numbers.

There are countless examples of energy used to create situation, just imagine what we could if we live in awareness of all energy. Our senses would be alive in ways they are meant to be. Or intuitiveness would be as much a part of us as breathing.

Why can we remember the past but not the future?

Your spirit has lived long, but your flesh does not know it. If your body has forgotten the first years of your infancy, how can it recognize the evolution of your spirit along the lengthy journey? How can your brain recall this cellular memory when your do not supervise it to do so? How can your brain process this “all-knowing” information that some call Goddess, Spirit or the Askasic Records.

Perhaps preprogrammed beliefs teach us that the book of our past, if we were to contemplate its pages, we would weep of sorrow and be sicken with sadness. And for many, the bitterness and horror would be of such magnitude that we would consider ourselves unworthy of forgiveness and redemption and be fated to the laws of Karma. Perhaps it is no more than cellular memory that prevents us from recalling the past be it disconnection of shame.

Think upon how many times, in this life that you now have, there have been days when you have prayed at dusk to forget all about what you went through since daybreak. Imagine the heavy burden that we would have to carry if they were to remember each and every day of disappointment of all our past existences. It is my opinion that the merciful veil of oblivion is self-chosen and to change this desire through choice of remembrance makes possible past life cellular memory as a tool of the Goddess of self. t is also my belief one can apply the same theory to remembering the future BUT one must experience the future to remember the future. Astral travel, Prophecies through vision and divination are tools of experiencing future as well as future life meditations/hypnosis.

It is the belief time is linear – past to present – that supports the theory that one cannot remember the future. Change what you believe and it will change what you see/know.

In an infinite sea of possibilities what do we keep creating the same reality for self?

Addiction to familiar energy!

We choose to live condensed into one reality where we believe everything exist free of our consciousness BUT thought is substance. Substance is our consciousness of “it” – it being situation or material and it is only in connection to our consciousness of “it” that “it” exist in any manner of brain/cellular memory in our reality.

Thought, as substance is not solid and/or unchangeable.

NOTHING IS SOLID – tree cut or made into furniture is made up of molecules into atoms – is not solid but a collective of space.

A molecule is the smallest unit of a substance that shows all the chemical properties of that substance. A molecule is a group of atoms that are bound tightly together by strong chemical bonds. Every molecule has a definite size. If a molecule is broken up into its atoms or into smaller groups of atoms by chemical processes, these pieces will not behave like the original molecule. A molecule can contain atoms of the same element or atoms of different elements.

Although much of our world is composed of molecules, not all substances are molecular. Metals do not consist of molecules; nor do ionic compounds, which are crystalline substances such as common table salt. The atoms in metals and ionic compounds form different arrangements from those of molecular structures BUT are still not solid by true perception.

So can we not say thought is substance, not solid, made up of our perception and connected to our consciousness. So expanded reality is – that all is connected to our choice of formulation of “it” in our cellular memory.

Example – a friend constantly in dire need and our constant rescue or involvement. Our reality a belief in solid thought of what we must do instead of restructured cellular memory that it is not as bad as it seems and they are quit capable of self rescue and growth. Releasing our addiction to the familiar energy exchange of savior or victim of the circumstances of another.

The same would apply to job, family and partner. Any part of energy exchange in our consciousness does not exist free of us. We choose how we see, interact and remember backwards/past or present/future AND if we are not aware – carry forth cellular memory according to how we allow brain (supervised or not) to process “it”.

Why can we remember the past but not the future AND in an infinite sea of possibilities what do we keep creating the same reality for self?

Choice! If nothing is solid then it is choice we chose to remember or know past or present.
Choice! If thought or perception is not solid then it is choice in how we condense perception.

The brain process 400 billion bits of information per second, but we are only aware of 2,000 bits. So what happens to the rest of it?

Choose to live in awareness! Choose to process information in an ever-changing reality for in truth nothing is solid. Supervise the brain in awareness – allow the eyes to see what the brain is commanded to comprehend!

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