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Goddess Medusa Ritual for Samhain

Halloween paint shall be placed on the altar. All shall gather outside of Circle and share the tales of Samhain. All shall share meditation of the demons of self and all they chose to leave behind with the turning of the Wheel. Meditation It's the Sabbat of Samhain and once again we gather to celebrate. There are many traditions associated with Samhain and many names given this date. As Witches we can pick and choose traditions that fill our fancy but as...

Goddess Medusa

There was a time long ago when Medusa's people worshiped Her as a Goddess. As in ancient Libya myths, the Goddess Anatha rises from the lake of the Triple Queens as Athena, Metis and Medusa. Athena, a New Moon Warrior Maiden who inspires courage, strength, and valor, the Sea Goddess Metis, a Full Moon Mother of wisdom who, in later mythical tales, conceived Athena from Zeus and Medusa, Dark Moon Goddess and Crone. All three aspects of Goddess Anatha worshiped...

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