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Goddess Hecate’s Chakra Ritual

Maiden will outline the Circle with Goddess Hecate's herbs. Coven Members needed: Cut the Circle Water and Earth Fire and Air Bless the Circle Invoke Goddess High Priestess Hand Maiden Mother Crone Summoner East Watchtower South Watchtower West Watchtower North Watchtower Cake and Wine Summoner Sage all that enter Circle Do you come in perfect love and perfect trust? Maiden Bless and dedicate all with Goddess Hecate's Oil and pentacle over third eye chakra Sister to Sister we share this circle All will cast circle Summoner Story of Goddess Hecate High...

Goddess Hecate

Some say she was an eastern Goddess and Her name may have originated from the Egyptian Goddess Heket, whose name meant "All Powerful", "Magical" or "Incantation and Sorcery". Others say she is strictly a Greek goddess, that was later brought into worship by the Roman people. Contrary to popular modern Pagan beliefs, Goddess Hecate is not the Crone in ancient myths. In days of old the Amazon women painted their hands and feet with henna in honor of their young Goddess...

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