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The Sun Forming Aspects

Sun conjunct Moon This aspect suggests a joining of your emotional urges and your natural drive instincts. The temperament becomes more unilateral, unaffected by the wants and desires of others. You are satisfied with yourself and the goals you hope to realize. You won't adapt easily to changes in your life, unless you sense these changes are in your best interest. You stay clear of the business of others and expect the same from them. You are highly motivated to [...]

Planets and their Influences

Our solar system that our astrology system is based upon consists of the Earth, The Sun, the Moon and eight other planets that revolve in a precise and ordered pattern. This pattern marks not only our days, but our seasons, our years and our lives. Because each entity in our solar system moves at a different speed, rate, separate path or orbit, the combinations of the placements of the planets are almost endless. At the moment of your birth, [...]

The Moon Phases

The diagram shows the Moon in different positions along its orbit around the Earth. The Sun is off in the distance, lighting the Earth-Moon system. At any position, half of the Moon is illuminated by the Sun (the light side of the Moon) and half is not (the dark side). Also, half of the Moon is visible to the Earth (the near side of the Moon) and half is not (the far side). As the Moon moves around the [...]

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