Satisfaction Policy - Coven of the Goddess

Satisfaction Policy

We want our clients to be happy with their purchase.

Even though there are no guarantees within the spiritual realm, we are very confident that our spells will improve your life greatly. Most of our clients are repeat-customers and work with us for years. If you would ask them, they would tell you that they received so much more than they expected.

This is how our Satisfaction Policy works:

You will need to give the spell its full 12 months. This gives you enough time to evaluate the results, the improvements, and overcome any spiritual setbacks or slow downs. We are confident that you will be very happy with the results, improvements, changes and benefits, as most of our clients have.

If for some reason your spell does not work within 6 months, we will recast your spell free of charge, or refund your money after 12 months.

How to request a free Re-Cast after 6 months

Please fill out the Re-cast Form after 6 month. In most cases, a re-cast is all that is needed to make the spell move forward. We can only process your request after you have filled out this form. Requests made via email cannot be honored. Please fill out the form completely and make sure that is has been 6 months since your spell was cast.


How to request a Refund after 12 months

If you did not have your spell re-cast, you do qualify for a refund (minus the mandatory ingredients charge*). In order to request a refund you will need to fill out the Refund Form completely. Please make sure that it has been 12 months since your spell was cast.


*Mandatory Ingredients Charge

  • Standard Cast: USD 29
  • Power Cast: USD 49
  • Ultimate Cast: USD 89


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