Frequently Asked Questions

Just be yourself. There are no guidelines on how to behave. However, please avoid fights and arguments. If you have the choice between harmony or an argument, always choose harmony. Also, don't annoy the other person. Let them be. Once the spell has reached them, they will contact you.

In addition, please do not obsess over the spell. Let it go. Allow it to work for you. Think positive. Spells work best and faster when you do not think about them all the time. Keep yourself busy with positive things, and do things to improve yourself and to make yourself happy.

The universe and the forces of nature will find ways to overcome any obstacles, such as lost phone numbers, living in another continent, no contact, a long time that has passed, cultures problems, negative feelings, bad memories, not knowing the person, and many other obstacles.
Yes! You may order as many spells as you need in order to address all the problems you may be having. Many of our clients order several spells at the same time. They work independently from each other and do not conflict or alter each other.
We cannot work with you or cast spells for you if you are under the age of majority. Please do not purchase from us if you have not reached the age of majority within your jurisdiction.
Yes, Simply order another spell (the same one you ordered originally), and explain in the order information form that this is a reinforcement spell. Not all cases require reinforcement spells, but they can be very effective for difficult, urgent situations. The cost is the same as the original spell. You may order the same cast strength or a stronger cast strength.
The Power Cast spells are our best sellers. Our clients love them because of their added strength and potency. If the Power Cast spells are above your budget, select the Standard Cast.

If your case requires priority and potency or is difficult and complicated, then the Ultimate Cast is highly recommended.

Keep in mind, all our spells are powerful and cast by an experienced coven. Rest assured that either Cast Strength will do just fine. Click here to compare Cast Strengths.
Unfortunately, there are no guarantees within the spiritual realm due to the fact that magic is more an art than science. Even the most gifted and most powerful spell casters and witches will not be successful every time. That's why The Coven of the Goddess offers a satisfaction guarantee. We want our clients to be happy with our work. If you have not received results from your spell after 6 months, we will re-cast your spell free of charge, or we will refund your money if you have not seen results within 12 months. Please click here for details.
We no longer offer our Newsletter. We have decided that it is easier and more beneficial to stay in touch with our clients through all our Social Media Channels. Please make sure to follow us at:
You can either contact us through our contact form or reply to the email address that was provided to you when you placed your order.

Please know that we are very busy casting spells and our time on the computer is very limited. This is how we keep our prices low. We focus on what matters – the spell work!

All order-related questions are answered in our extensive Frequently Asked Questions Section. Please make sure to read it. You will learn how to select the right spell, how to order, what is needed from you, how the entire process works, and what you can do if you have not received all desired results.

Please kindly understand that we cannot answer emails with questions that are already answered in our FAQ section.

For general questions about Magick, Wicca and Spells, please visit our Blog. Since 2002 we have published over 100 articles that address many aspects of magick in great detail.

If you want to suggest a new Question for our FAQ Section, a new Spell, or a Topic for a Blog-Article, please click here.
We require all clients to give each spell 1 year to produce the outcome they have wished for. If you have not received your full results within 1 year, and you did not take advantage of our free re-cast, you can request a refund here: Request Refund Form.  All refund requests will be processed in accordance with our Refund and Return Policy as well as our Satisfaction Policy.
We will need the following information:
  • your first and last name
  • your date of birth
  • your picture.
Love related Spells: If your order a love-related spell, we will also need your lover's name and a picture. The date of birth is beneficial but not mandatory.

Break-up Spells: We will need your loved one's name and a picture (date of birth is optional). From the target, it would be highly beneficial if you could provide the name, date of birth, and picture, but it is not mandatory.

Spells that include a target: We need either a picture or their name and date of birth.

You may also include a description of your problems and wishes.

During the checkout process, you will be asked to enter the necessary information and upload pictures. Any additional information or pictures can be sent to us via email.

Rest assured that all personal information is strictly confidential. We will never share your information with anyone and only use your information for the purposes of spell-casting.
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