Satisfaction Guarantee and Refunds

Unfortunately, there are no guarantees within the spiritual realm due to the fact that magic is more an art than science. Even the most gifted and most powerful spell casters and witches will not be successful every time. That's why The Coven of the Goddess offers a satisfaction guarantee. We want our clients to be happy with our work. If you have not received results from your spell after 6 months, we will re-cast your spell free of charge, or we will refund your money if you have not seen results within 12 months. Please click here for details.
Please fill out the Re-cast Form after 6 months. In most cases, a re-cast is all that is needed to make the spell move forward. We can only process your request after you have filled out this form. Requests made via email cannot be honored. Please fill out the form completely and make sure that is has been 6 months since your spell was cast.    
We require all clients to give each spell 1 year to produce the outcome they have wished for. If you have not received your full results within 1 year, and you did not take advantage of our free re-cast, you can request a refund here: Request Refund Form.  All refund requests will be processed in accordance with our Refund and Return Policy as well as our Satisfaction Policy.
If you have used the search function on our website and you did not find an answer to a question in our FAQ section or Blog, please use this form to suggest a question, article, or a new spell.
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