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You can have anything you want if you want it desperately enough. You must want it with an exuberance that erupts through the skin and joins the energy that created the world.

The Charge of the Crone

Hear the words of the Grandmother of Time: She who has been known as Hecate, Erishkagel, Cerridwen, Kali-Ma, Anna, Perenna, Spider Woman, and many other names - some feared, and some loved, but none ever ignored. She it is who brings wisdom and the awareness of eternity. She has been the Maiden, and remembers that joy. She has been the Mother, and recalls that pleasure. But age has changed her, and taught her the mysteries of the Wheel that is ever turning, the Wheel that is life, death, and rebirth. She is the whirling tornado,...

Peace Be In My Body – Chant

by Mz. Imani Peace be in my body And peace be in my heart Peace be in my family To truly help us grow We are riding a wondrous rainbow Into the Source We are guiding the true destination Of the earth In this chant the word peace is inter-changeable with many words i.e. - love, joy, trust. Sometimes even with words called out from around the fire.

For I am Yours – Chant and Praise

by Silver Wind The mist rolls over the mountains And a stirring in my being arises The hair on my neck tingles And my senses turn to you. The darkness of the night envelopes me A crow flies by, Then upon the silver wind There comes to me your scent And I know you are close Our souls meet within the mist No words are spoken as my heart races For though miles separate us I feel you Beside me, with me, within me. Your touch is gentle yet firm Breathe sweet but hot on...

You Are – Chant and Praise

by Silver Wind You are the gentle breeze that take my Wandering spirit to the new dawn of enlightenment, And the howling storm driving me To pursue my dreams. You are the hearth fire that gives me Warm sanctuary of family and home, And the roaring flame of desire and Passion that drives my life's path. You are the babbling brook outside my Window that lulls me to sleep at night And the waves that crash, the fluid that flows, Awakening my intuition and essence of woman. You are Gaia, Mother Earth, that...

Walk in Balance – Chant

Author unknown We must learn to walk in balance sacred steps to take Weaving peace and understanding through all that we create The Tapestry of love and light finest threads of gold sacred flame ever burning bright through all that we behold When we learn to walk in balance the healing will take place the healing of the earth our mother the healing of the human race

Ancient Goddess Chant

by Abigail Spinner Smiling Virgin, shining crescent Waxing fullness, luminescent Sickle of silver, reaper of bones Maiden, Mother and Crone Maiden, Mother and Crone Ancient Goddess, daughter of moonlight Ancient Goddess, mother of stone Ancient Goddess, keeper of midnight Maiden, Mother and Crone Maiden, Mother and Crone Listen to a Mp3 Play on Spotify

We All Come From the Goddess – Chant

Various artists We all come from the Goddess And to her we shall return Like a drop of rain Falling to the ocean Isis, Astarte, Diana, Hecate, Demeter, Kali, Innana We all come from the Goddess And to her we shall return Like a drop of rain Falling to the ocean Hoof and horn, hoof and horn All that dies shall be reborn Corn and grain, corn and grain All that falls will rise again We all come from the Goddess And to her we shall return Like a drop of rain Falling to the ocean Fire and rain, fire...

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