You Are – Chant and Praise

You are Chant

You Are – Chant and Praise

Last Updated on December 18, 2017 by Coven of the Goddess

by Silver Wind

You are the gentle breeze that take my
Wandering spirit to the new dawn of enlightenment,
And the howling storm driving me
To pursue my dreams.

You are the hearth fire that gives me
Warm sanctuary of family and home,
And the roaring flame of desire and
Passion that drives my life’s path.

You are the babbling brook outside my
Window that lulls me to sleep at night
And the waves that crash, the fluid that flows,
Awakening my intuition and essence of woman.

You are Gaia, Mother Earth, that which heals
And is stable, foundation for my workings.
Yet, you are the quaking and shaking ground beneath my feet
That stirs my complacency when I forget my purpose.

You are Goddess, my true Divine, the One who
Brought me out of the darkness I created, out of the Life
I allowed myself to be trapped..
You are Goddess, my Divine.

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