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What is White Magic? An Introduction

White Magic

What is White Magic? An Introduction

Last Updated on December 18, 2017 by Coven of the Goddess

Compared to our ancient ancestors we are, simply because of the way society has developed, far less experienced in the ways of magic than they were. Although other things might often make us seem more advanced, what we have lost along the way is the appreciation and possibly gratitude, that we should show to the world around us.

In contemporary society, and often because of our ignorance surrounding such things, we often simplify the forces of magic in two ways: good (white) magic, which is often thought of as being of a type which means we associate with good spirits and positive intentions, and bad (black) magic, which is also often seen as being related to all things occultist and, in turn, the Devil. The two apparently different kinds of magic are also often viewed as having left and right-handed tendencies. The left hand being the path Black Magic practitioners will take, while the right hand path is for those practicing the more benevolent, White Magic.

Of course, things are really not that simple. And, if we look at the alternative word often historically attributed to white magic, which is natural or nature magic, then many more things start to fall into place.

Wiccans and Pagans, having a strong association with the earth and nature, consider white magic to call upon the energies and spirits of the natural elements to assist them in performing acts of good intentions and even Pagan forms of worship have a history much older than you might first think. In fact, there are suggestions that such forms of nature or white magic worship stem back to Paleolithic times and people whose very lives depended on growing and the beneficial attitude of the gods of nature. So, where White Magic really has its foundation, yet again, can be traced back to times before man even first started farming the land and lived off the natural elements which the earth provided.

Many of the spirits who are then called upon in White Magic, are derived from nature rather than the essential beings of other dimensions. Their energies are derived from the very forces of our planet itself and the earth, seas and skies surrounding it.

Yet by definition sometimes White Magic is often seen as a less powerful force than Black Magic – which in itself is extremely misleading phraseology – yet this could not be further from the truth. The power of nature is, on our earth at least, the most powerful force known and its strength can not only be felt but has also been frequently seen throughout history.

Because of its close associations with nature, this is considered to be the reason that White Magic is more often connected to the female gods – the gender which produces and nourishes. However this also often results in our believing that this is a softer force and thus might appear as a diluted form of energy. When we think of mothers we associated them with gentleness and kindness and even refer to some as Earth Mothers. Yet, if we look at another mother, Mother Nature, what we see is a powerful and unstoppable protector of the planet and all things on it.

So, when we think of White Magic in future it might be more appropriate to consider thinking of Nature Magic. Then we will also see elements not only of good intentions, benevolence and productivity but also a force that is drawn from the very power of the earth and one which provides man with all the necessary requirements to survive.

Here also, we might also start to come to learn the significance of the earth not only to our Pagan ancestors, but also the Wiccans who worship this force even today.

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