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A Witch’s Tools

Witch's Tools

A Witch’s Tools

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There is one important thing a Witch must remember: tools do not make a Witch; A Witch makes the tools. A Witch’s tools are an extension of Her intent and a means for Her intent to continue when life demands Her attention.. Desire, visualization and belief are a Witch’s tools of the soul and empower Her Earthly tools.


The Pentagram, the five-pointed star that represents the craft. It is one of a Witch’s most powerful tools as it represents all She stands for in Her Spiritual belief. It is worn for protection and empowerment, used in Ritual and spells and is one’s seal in magickal workings. The pentacle is related to the Element of Earth and nature. It relates to the suit of Pentacles in the Tarot.


The wand is used to draw in and direct energies. It carries energy in a specified direction. You can make your own by acquiring a branch from a tree. (Please ask permission from the tree first). Willow wands are considered to be the favored tree of the Goddess and very magickal. You can also put gem stones in the wand and a crystal at the point of the wand. The Wand is related to the element of Air being the energies and clarity of the Goddess. It relates to the suit of Wands in the Tarot.


The Athame, is used for all magickal workings when a knife is needed. It strips away what is false and delivers the Witch’s true intent . The Athame is related to the element of Fire and represents desire, courage and strength. It relates to the suit of Swords in the Tarot


The Chalice represents the womb of the Goddess and holds the bounty that represents Her Blood. In Ritual one unites with Goddess by drinking from Her Chalice. It is also related to the element of Water being the wisdom and love of the Goddess . It can be made of silver, brass, gold, earthenware, soapstone, alabaster, crystal, or any other material that is non toxic to drink from. It relates to the suit of Cups in the Tarot.


The Cord is a Witch’s tool that holds the strength of Her Coven and unites Her with the power of the Old Ones. It represents Her honor of the Craft.

Witch’s Robe

A robe is used as ritual dress to humble one’s presence in the Circle of Goddess.


The Cauldron is a symbol of the Goddess and Her mysteries. , Her endless gifts and all the knowledge She gives is held within the caldron.


The Censor is used to hold the charcoal and incense to sweeten the air and honor the Goddess.


The bell is a symbol of Air and is to ward off evil spells, evil spirits, and to evoke good energies/spirits.


The Besom is used to “sweep out negativity from your hearth and home or your pre-prep for Circle setup. It, again, aids in your focus of cleansing your area.


The sword is used to channel the Will of the entire coven, in the opening and closing of the Circle. Because it represents the will of the Witch, all Covenants are sworn upon it.


The sickle is the symbol of the Crone–of harvesting and death. Its crescent shape further identifies it with the Moon and so with the Goddess. It is the waxing and waning crescents of the Moon. The sharp edge represents the gift of discernment–the ability to know what needs to be cut away–either to promote growth/provide food or to remove disease/the unwanted.


The Staff is just a long extension of the Wand. It has all the powers of the Wand, and can be energized in the same manner. By adding gem stones, a quartz crystal, or maybe feathers which birds have left on the ground.


Witches of old did not use a Scourge.

Equally important Cleansing and attuning a Witch’s tools

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