Foundations of Magick

Foundations of Magick

Foundations of Magick

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Magick has been defined as ‘ The Art of Causing Change in Accordance with Will”. We cannot reach out directly upon the material level and touch the things of tomorrow, for, upon this level, they are yet. We can, however, enter today, a subjective tomorrow in which we may touch the astral foreshadowing of those things, to bring them “nearer to desired will”. The mere naming of this mystery commands all reverence and circumspection; for, in this, we pierce the veil of time.

Now having explained Magick and its complex yet simple existence, let us also consider our habit of only perceiving the forces of our objective universe in perspective to the will or control of others and ourselves. To know one’s true will and become adept at working true to one’s will – independence of external circumstances is our first lesson. This leads us to defining love, be it of another or of material gain.

Love by Ly De Angeles: True love – in spiritual definition – is detachment of the strings that end up tying tighter than love was ever meant to be. Love without fear of what may come tomorrow – for that is what love is. It belongs to no one but yourself and cannot be taken or given as a token or a gift. Your worries and fears have nothing to do with love- they are extensions of either the world around you or your own shortcomings. Compare them not to love, or you will lose your choice in the matter of love. And if love is not free and exhilarating, then it is not love but demand and desire for possession of that which you are not. Love allows; it is not reactive. It is the perspective of self – self in reflection and glory, mirrored in a feeling that is beautiful to feel… Anything else is not love, but obligation, and that is something else to be worked with. The Moon in you belongs right where it is, or it would not be there! Child, it is all in the perspective.

This is one of the very basic resolutions one needs to undertake as a foundation on their path to becoming a great Master of Magick. Change will not be immediately visible, but in fact, a great step forward will have been made, because that which was done without purpose of true self in perspective of the Great Work has become the subject of a conscious resolution. That resolution is that one’s will must be for the nurturing, advancement, and enlightenment of one ‘s connection to one’s higher self. Success in the Great Work, which is the true Magickal goal, is impossible to one who is continually the victim of external circumstances and the varying currents of the mundane life. To achieve independence of these conditions are absolutely necessary in the training of Magick.

AS we are human, this does not come easy or naturally.

Letting go

1st we must re-learn letting go, especially as women. Not only do we assume responsibility for everyone in our Mother role, but we also have years of programming from a patriarchal society. Let it Go. Allow others their path and claim your own. In claiming this independence, a Magickal personality, reserved for Magickal workings and kept apart from all external influences, is another step in building your foundation of Magickal work. This Magickal personality will aid you in Letting Go of what is not meant to be of you, part of you, or controlled by you.

Magickal Personality

2nd – from the beginning of training, this personality will develop; The special times set apart from the mundane world allows growth. The use of a special name, keeping a diary that belongs solely to this personality and Her growth, the ban of discussions to others that contribute to the external influences – all these factors begin to isolate a certain part of the mind and imagination as a nucleus from which the Magickal personality is to take its growth. As training continues, this segregated nucleus, or rather the new personality which develops from it, expands to occupy more and more of the total personality until only so much of the “old self” remains as may be needed as an instrument – or as a mask –  for ordinary, mundane purpose. This is not to say the “new you” will no longer “fit” in your life, it is to say the “new you” will “fit” in your life in an awakened state of Magick.

The Higher Self

3rd – it is important to acknowledge this Magickal personality is separate from the Higher Self. The Higher Self is the spark of Divine that lives within each that is Goddess. Our Magickal personality in due time is the medium for manifestation of the Higher Self. The nexus between training of the Magickal personality and the realization of the Higher Self is precisely the requirement and foundation of High Magick- the knowledge and formulation of the True Will. The true Will of the Higher Self being the attainment of conscious unity and integration between the Higher Self and the ordinary personality. Resulting in living authentic and creating the Magick or bending the energy to bring about this result.

Magick and the Witches Tools

Witch's Tools

Our Witch’s tools are another foundation of our Magick. Gathered throughout our path, they hold places of priority in our workings. As symbols, they aid in our Crafting as other symbols do, but as extensions of us, they quicken our intent of Will. The study on tools can not be completed in this course, and certainly, one practicing Magick should already have a clear understanding and connection with their tools. A Witch’s tools is a very basic requirement of Crafting, and I would urge one to have a complete understanding of Her tools before continuing any training in High Magick.

There is one important thing a Witch must remember: Tools do not make a Witch; A Witch makes the tools. A Witch’s tools are an extension of Her intent and a means for Her intent to continue when life demands Her attention. Desire, visualization and belief are a Witch’s tools of the soul and empower Her Earthly tools.


The Pentagram, the five pointed star that represents the craft. It is one of a Witch’s most powerful tools as it represents all She stands for in Her Spiritual belief. It is worn for protection and empowerment, used in Ritual and spells and is one’s seal in magickal workings. The pentacle is related to the Element of Earth and nature. It relates to the suit of Pentacles in the Tarot.


The wand is used to draw in and direct energies. It carries energy in a specified direction. You can make your own by acquiring a branch from a tree. (Please ask permission from the tree first). Willow wands are considered to be the favored tree of the Goddess and very magickal. You can also put gem stones in the wand and a crystal at the point of the wand. The Wand is related to the element of Air being the energies and clarity of the Goddess. It relates to the suit of Wands in the Tarot.


The Athame, is used for all magickal workings when a knife is needed. It strips away what is false and delivers the Witch’s true intent . The Athame is related to the element of Fire and represents desire, courage and strength. It relates to the suit of Swords in the Tarot


The Chalice represents the womb of the Goddess and holds the bounty that represents Her Blood. In Ritual one unites with Goddess by drinking from Her Chalice. It is also related to the element of Water being the wisdom and love of the Goddess . It can be made of silver, brass, gold, earthenware, soapstone, alabaster, crystal, or any other material that is non toxic to drink from. It relates to the suit of Cups in the Tarot.


The Cord is a Witch’s tool that holds the strength of Her Coven and unites Her with the power of the Old Ones. It represents Her honor of the Craft.

Witch’s Robe

A robe is used as a ritual dress to humble one’s presence in the Circle of Goddess.


The Cauldron is a symbol of the Goddess and Her mysteries. , Her endless gifts and all the knowledge She gives is held within the caldron.


The Censor is used to hold the charcoal and incense to sweeten the air and honor the Goddess.


The bell is a symbol of Air and is to ward off evil spells, evil spirits, and to evoke good energies/spirits.


The Besom is used to “sweep out negativity from your hearth and home or your pre-prep for Circle setup. It, again, aids in your focus of cleansing your area.


The sword is used to channel the Will of the entire coven, in the opening and closing of the Circle. Because it represents the will of the Witch, all Covenants are sworn upon it.


The sickle is the symbol of the Crone–of harvesting and death. Its crescent shape further identifies it with the Moon and so with the Goddess. It is the waxing and waning crescents of the Moon. The sharp edge represents the gift of discernment–the ability to know what needs to be cut away–either to promote growth/provide food or to remove disease/the unwanted.


The Staff is just a long extension of the Wand. It has all the powers of the Wand and can be energized in the same manner. By adding gemstones, a quartz crystal, or maybe feathers that birds have left on the ground.


Witches of old did not use a Scourge.

Energy and the Application of Elemental Energy

The language of Magick is a symbolic one. Silently, yet profoundly, symbols speak to the spirit, intellect, and emotions of the Magickal personality trained to tap into the cosmic consciousness of universe without the limitations of time as defined by man. Mother Nature provides us with an abundance of symbolism from the strength and or bendability of Her vegetation to the Elements that support the life cycles of all creation. The uses of these symbols speak to the higher consciousness of our Magickal personality and allow us to actually process Will. This is a crucial concept for it is during this conversion process that energy and power are at its peak. Clarity of Will must be accurate without interruption of the flow of focused energy, everything flowing smoothly from the Higher Consciousness, through the mind and out into the physical plane. It is important to note that when we come into alignment with a symbol or an element through natural reflection, an affinity for its representation begins. This, in turn, gives us a certain amount of power and control over the Element or symbol and over that aspect and more important over that aspect of our personality or environment, which the symbol represents. There are common symbols certainly as pagans we relate to in a universal understanding. Such as the Elements Earth, Air, Fire, and Water in relation to our Organic Bodies and Emotions. We might also relate to different vegetations universally, such as a rose to love. It is important to realize it is not who is right or wrong in the sense of authority of symbol meanings as much it is important to strongly personally identify to the symbol you use in YOUR Magick.

Magick and the Moon

As pagans, we hold the Moon in high regard as a symbol of Goddess. It reflects Her rhythms of the oceans, the harvest, the Spiral of Life, and the cycle of the women that carry forth Her births. In the Great Work of Magick, it is undoubtedly one of the strongest symbols to align our workings with. It is the recognition of Goddess within our Magick to align with Her Moon.

There are four cycles of approximately seven days each in a lunar month.

We begin with the New Moon – it grows or waxes until the 1st quarter is visible as the half Moon. When the Moon is waxing its points, face East and is in its 2nd quarter till it reaches Full. As it begins to wane, it begins its 3rd quarter. When it reaches half Moon again, its points face West, and it is in its 4th quarter waning until it becomes Dark. The Moon is renewed to New, and the cycle starts again with the 1st quarter. Knowing the phases of the Moon will help you plan your Magick.

New – 1st quarter: this is a time for beginnings, new projects, or obtaining something on a positive level. This phase relates to the East, Air, intellect, and intuition. It is the symbol of Maiden Goddess, and Magick worked with youthfulness.

Full Moon; this is a time to energize and reaffirm. This phase relates to the South, Fire, and the passion and strength of desires. It is the symbol of Mother Goddess, and Magick worked within all Her glory. The 3rd and 4th quarters reflect the energies of waxing and waning accordingly.

Candles and Magick

Candles are very Magickal because they bring light to the darkness. Candles can be used by themself infused with your Will to be manifested into the Universe as the flame burns, or they can be incorporated as a part of a spell. The color, shape, and size can play an important role in your Magick. The color can signify your intent, design, and shape can represent the objective, and size is equivalent to the amount of time you desire to infuse your intention upon. An example would be a red candle in the shape of a large rose to bring much-desired passion in your life. A green candle in the shape of a tree to bring healing or a yellow candle in a simple shape to bring clarity. Once again, it will be your personal connection with its symbolism that will grants power to this Magick.

Number Symbolism

Numerology is the science that concludes that because all things are vibrational, they can be reduced to numbers- equations, Sets of Symbols representing particle, probability, or potential. In Numerology, all numbers can be reduced to a single value, 1-9 exceptions being 11, 22, 33 as significant to the concept of the indirect effect of an esoteric principle. As numbers are symbols, they too can be used in Magick. As simple as creating an equation, can one manifest Will in print to be burnt, waxed, or put under the pillow to sleep upon. Once again, it is your personal connection to the symbolism that grants power to this Magick.

#1 – I am – Individuality, Independence, Innovation
#2 – I Share – Cooperation, Rhythm, Sensitivity, Interaction
#3 – I Express – Communication, Self-Expression, Optimism
#4 – I Build – System, Hard Work, Power Through Routine
#5 – I Change – Change, Adaptability, Freedom, Movement
#6 – I Comfort – Nurturing, Service, Healing, Compassion
#7 – I Seek – Analysis, Introspection, Philosophy, Mysticism
#8 – I Accumulate – Financial acumen, Organization, Structure
#9 – I Feel – Philanthropy, Wisdom, Aloneness, Nonpermanency
#11 – I Accept – Dreamer, Visionary, Needs Grounding
#22 – I Expand– Takes From Establishment and Creates Change
#33 – We are One – No Clear Sense Of Individuality

An example I could write – 3, 4,5, 7, 8 on a piece of paper and instill my will into a spell to 3-ask my boss 4-based on my hard work and commitment 5-and my growth 7-to grant 8- me a raise. I could place this at my workplace to raise my energy. I could place it in my pocket-book in drawing to it the outcome desired, I could put it under my pillow to fill my subconsciousness in my sleep, I could burn it in a candle to release it to the universe, or I could leave it under the full Moon.

Magick In Many Forms

We have touched on only a few means of working High Magick. The Wise Ones have created Magick since the dawn of man- handing it down from tribe to tribe- the Magick changing and growing along the way. The studies of Magick are as endless and eternal as Goddess Herself. Astrology, Tarot, Divination, the Wheel of the Year, Runes, Crystals, Mirror Magick, Ritual Magick, Clairvoyance, Intuitiveness, the Qabalah, Shapeshifting, and Shamanism are just one of many studies one might pursue in deepening their Magick. I leave you to follow and know your own path in Crafting Magick, reminding you only to never forget the Magick comes from you. The tools and symbols are Gifts from Goddess to awaken in you all that is possible, to awaken in you what already exists – Magick.

Let’s Make Magick

Magick is to be experienced, not just intellectualized. It is a system in which the practitioner learns by doing. Surely using traditions passed on from Wise ones in the craft lends power to your Magick, but do not forget the Magick still comes from you. Equally important to your symbols, intent, and clarity of Will is purifying and cleansing your sacred space where you will do Magick and all the tools you will use in your Magick. Purification clears away all negativity and past energies, making your magick pure and strong. Proper preparation of Sacred Space begins the concentration needed for High Magick, and again it is your belief in the act of cleansing and preparing your sacred space that gives power to your work. It may be as simple as sageing the area or as complex as you desire. Regardless of technique, do not skip this step least your Magick only be as strong as the energies you put into it. Once you have gathered your symbols and created your sacred space, it is equally important to prepare yourself. Meditation to clear your chakras is one of many ways you may choose to “clear yourself” of negativity and mental clutter. The point is to be in Sacred Space with all symbols and self-clear and pure of everything except intent to create Magick. When you are ready, call forth your Magickal personality, She who is free from all external influences. She who is strong in Magick and knows the true desire of your Will. Begin your workings using your symbols as you are moved to do so, infuse them with vision and intent of the Magick you desire to create. You may hold them, bind them, mix them, burn them, and confine them or any other method that conveys your Will through their energies. Own the Magick and make it personal, make it yours. Do not let there be hesitation or second-guessing only conviction and a crescendo of your energy. When the moment is right, and your magick is cast, release it to the universe by blowing your breath upon it or crossing the Pentagram above it as your seal. It is done, and all that is before you are the symbols that served as the vessel for your Magick. How you choose to follow through with your symbols is also up to you. They may be placed in an according place, burnt or dismantled till the next time you call upon their power. Your belief in your Magick has started the energy flow towards manifestation of your Will. Now you must Believe and allow Goddess to direct your path that direction.

Book Recommendation:

The Foundations of High Magick – Melita Denning & Osborne Phillips. Their Magickal Philosophy is a gift to any student of Magick. Recognized as authorities on the Western Mysteries, their words were an honor to read and share.

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