Goddess Cerridwyn

Goddess Cerridwyn

Goddess Cerridwyn

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Cerridwyn is the Welsh Nature Goddess. She tends the caldron of wisdom, knowledge and divine inspiration. It is told she lived on an island the middle of Lake Tegid, as does our Mother Earth exist as an island in the sky. Cerridwyn bore two children, a daughter of the light and a son of the shadow. Her daughter was thought to be beautiful and gave her much pleasure. Her son ugly, the shadow/unknown we all fear.

For love of her son Cerridwyn set about to brew a magick potion of 6 herbs that would share the secrets of light/knowing. For a year and a day (our time of learning) she brewed the magick in the caldron. A blind man tended the fire and a male child stirred the greal (Holy Grail). This could represent the old ways fading away as wisdom for the spiritual awakening of the youth. The first three drops of the potion would impart knowledge of the light while the remaining would be poison.

Now Cerridwyn did not have to leave such magick in the hands of a child and a blind man. As the caldron is the symbol of rebirth, transformation and inspiration, they were drawn to the womb of the mother. They long to be of the mother in spirit. Cerridwyn’s caldron symbolizes the merging together the shadow/unknowing and the secret of immortality that lies in seeing death as an integral part of the cycle of life, where every death brings rebirth and every ending a new beginning.

On the final day the boy was stirring the brew when a few drops of the hot liquid splashed onto his hand. When he put his hand into his mouth he was instantly imparted all the wisdom meant for the son/shadow. With his newly enchanted foresight, he fled in fear, the rest of the potion would be poison and useless for Cerridwyn’s son.

The great pursuit/transformation began. For every form of prey the boy took, Cerridwyn assumed the form of predator. As they ran together, Cerridwyn forced him, through shapeshifting, into the different creatures of the earth to experience the beauty and wisdom of the light and creation of the Mother. The chase can also be seen as representative of the many changes our souls must make, into different forms, and over different lifetimes, before we can discover the very reason of our existence. In the end she devoured him thus he returned to the Mother.

Cerridwyn in all her wisdom knew the boy was one with her son (all male blood flows as one, all female blood flow as one) and set out to teach him wisdom as the three drops of Cerridwyn’s brew are an encryption of primal creative power. The boy appeared to be a random recipient of the caldron’s bounty, yet when he was reborn he became Taliesin/Merlin. A Welsh poet and storyteller that passes down the records/wisdom.

As the story continues, 9 months later Cerridwyn gives birth to the boy in a new form. A beautiful child of the light and wisdom. Through Cerridewn’s caldron/gift, he was initiated into the mysteries of the Goddess and reborn to share/ teach the wisdom. The 1st son, still one with the boy/his new brother (all male blood flows as one) but angry at the turn of events remained in the shadow. Still of the Goddess and a constant reminder of our hidden selves.

The aspect of Goddess Cerridwyn reminds us , we are all of the Goddess. As women we are born of Her blood, beautiful in her image and blessed with all the magick and wisdom of Her caldron. It is only when we turn away from Her, do our shadows grow and become empowered.

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