What to Do While You are Waiting for Results

Waiting for Results of Spell

What to Do While You are Waiting for Results

Depending on what type of spell you have had cast on your behalf, there are several things you can do while waiting for the spell to manifest. However there are also things you can do which affect all spells in a positive manner.


Consider practicing meditation, particularly the form known as mindfulness, on a regular basis. This will not only reduce your anxiety about the spell, and possibly any other problems in your life, but it will also help to increase your positivity and clear spiritual pathways to allow the energy of the magic to reach its destination.

The Written Word

Another thing you can do is to write down all the things not only that you want the spell to achieve but also how you want to see them achieved and your motivation for casting the spell in the first place. You could either keep your observations in a safe place, bearing in mind that spells should remain secrets, or you could burn it safely while performing incantations, providing you have got the information stored securely in your mind. Writing things down helps to clarify not only the thoughts, but sometimes practical alternative situations. Maybe you will come to realize there is another possible alternative to resolving your debt issues. Or you might feel that the love you lost isn’t really making your heart flutter the way they once did, when you see the reasons for your splitting written down in black and white. Either way, there are no really good reasons for not committing your intentions to paper.

Remain Practical and Active

While you are waiting you can still deal carefully with matters in hand. If you have debts to resolve then sit back and see what you can comfortably work out. Perhaps other alternatives have come to light since your spell was cast. If you want to lose weight, then maybe enrolling in an exercise program will not only help start the change in lifestyle with good intentions but will also take your mind off the spell. You might be thinking of a career change – and starting to hunt through the situations vacant columns certainly won’t do any harm. Neither will applying for another position within your organization if you really want to. You might not have had the confidence to before but remember that the magic of spells starts to work by putting opportunities in front of you.

If you want to resolve relationship issues then make sure you still communicate with your partner in a positive and non-accusatory manner. The same thing stands if the situation has got so bad you are communicating through legal representatives.

Maintaining effective communications in all relationships, no matter what they are, is really a good idea because this reduces the amount of negativity the magic has to work through to achieve its goal. Whether you are having problems with business associates, friends, neighbors or even family then, at the very least if you try and keep things equitable it can achieve nothing but good.

So there are many ways in which you can not only pass the time while you are waiting for your spell to manifest, but also to help you feel more in control of the situation and assist the magic to reach a satisfactory conclusion. More importantly what you are also doing is acting in a manner which is frequently more compatible with Wiccan ways and principles. It might not be wholly compatible but certainly there are strong elements of positivity, faith, a more altruistic and less judgmental and reactionary way of living which, at the end of the day, can only help both you and your spell achieve your aims.

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