Goddess Kali Ma

Goddess Kali

Goddess Kali Ma

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The Hindu triple Goddess Kali (pronounced kah’lee) is a warrior Goddess of creation, preservation, and destruction. She is also called Dark Mother of destiny as ‘Kal’ means Darkness of Time and “i” means the cause. Goddess Kali is “I who am beyond time” or “I who am time eternal”. Goddess Kali is endless spiral, unchangeable as She absorbs the Darkness of Karma for just as all the colors of the spectrum mix into black, yet still black remains black, so too, does goddess Kali remain unchanged. Her energies of cause activate Consciousness to perception –allowing Consciousness to perceive.

Goddess Kali is often shown standing upon Lord Shiva. She – the perceivable form of Consciousness and Consciousness being awareness. Rather than the actor, Consciousness is the witness of all action. That is why Lord Shiva is shown as a lifeless corpse: still, immobile, his eyes are fixed, trained on the image of the Divine Mother. All that Consciousness perceives is the dance of Nature.

She is dancing to infatuate Him, causing Him to direct His attention to Her. But Shiva does not forget that it is Nature who is dancing, not I; and He remains the silent Witness. This body is Nature. I am Consciousness, the silent witness of the actions of Nature. I am not the performer. This body acts according to its nature, because that is its nature. Remembering this, I am free, one among the audience in a theater watching the drama of life.

Goddess Kali runs through time eternal in nakedness free of illusion beyond name and form in total consciousness. She is the truths one face in the silence of self. Her garland of fifty human heads represents the sacred sounds and vibrations of the Sanskrit alphabet symbolizing knowledge, wisdom and universe. She wears all Karma as an ornamental skirt of arms symbolizing the conflicts of self and the anguish of egotistical attachment released with when one experiences the purity of inner peace.

In Hindu mythology, in a time long ago there was a great war between Gods and demons and the world was in shadow. The demons were led by Raktabijia, a fierce demon who cold not be destroyed for every drop of his blood that was spilt another demon was manifested. The Gods fought endlessly only to find the entire battlefield covered with millions of Raktabijia clones.

The Gods called to Shiva but it was His wife Parvati that answered the call to battle with the manifestation of KAIL Ma the warrior Goddess. Immediately the demons began attacking her. With a ferocious laugh, She killed them all but Raktabijia, laughing and dancing while the Earth shook. Then She turned to Raktabijia, she lifted him up and spread Her great tongue over the battlefield to catch the spill of His blood. She ordered the Gods to slay him as She caught every last drop of blood on Her massive tongue. Upon drinking His blood Goddess Kali continued Her rampage consuming every last Raktabijia cloned demon on the battlefield.. Intoxicated with blood lust and battle She shook the Earth with Her laughter and dance until Life itself was called to Her. As lord Shiva himself lay beneath Goddess Kali the shadows were absorbed into Her Spiral of time everlasting and life continued in Her image.

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