Do Love Spells Backfire?

A Spell Backfiring

Do Love Spells Backfire?

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When it comes to spells ‘backfiring’ the interpretation can be used to describe many different things and Love Spells backfiring are no more susceptible to this problem than any other spell which you might have cast on your behalf.

The Right Practitioner

As another article discusses there is much focus on secrecy when it comes to casting Wiccan spells and one reason for this is because spells, in the hands of the novice, can be miscast. In some situations this simply might result in the spell not resulting in the required action, in others it might only work in part. Either way, although the spell has not manifested little damage is done. However, in some situations things might become a little more serious. For instance, maybe the wrong spell is cast or it might be cast toward the wrong target. In both these examples this can cause problems for the people involved outside, of course, of the fact that the person who wanted the spell cast in the first place has paid good money for nothing. That’s why it is very important that you select a practitioner and spell casting service, that has the proper knowledge, skills, and experience.

The Wrong Target

When it comes to love spells in particular, you can imagine how it must feel if the wrong person is targeted and suddenly they want to become involved with you. Or, if the right person has been targeted they have been touched by a friendship rather than love spell!

This is why it is often considered necessary to keep not only spells secret so novices do not suddenly turn their hand to magic, but also to employ the services of an experienced practitioner. At best, your spell might not manifest, but at worst, it could cause havoc in the process.

What we should come to understand through the course of these articles is that Wiccan magic is a serious practice. Those Wiccans who involve themselves in spell casting, and not all do, particularly for others, have strong beliefs and often many years of experience in casting. They will also concern themselves with the fact that you have entered into the world of magic with another aspect of Wiccan worship firmly in mind; that of intention.

Good Intentions

As we also discussed previously intentions, of only the good variety, are ones which are thought about when spell casting. Although you might not be a practicing Wiccan yourself, you must have entered into the contract of spell casting with a benevolent attitude. Casting a spell which involves trying to get someone interested in you who is clearly not for example, is not magic sent with the best of intention. And, practitioners who are willing to do this are not acting as true worshipers of the Wiccan faith. In cases such as these it is not likely that the spell will backfire in any traditional sense, it is simply a case of it not working at all.

When looking to a Wiccan practitioner to cast a spell on your behalf you must also have some understanding and faith of the basic Wiccan principles and possibly one of the most important concerns that of self-governing moral behavior. If you are casting a spell out of revenge, greed, jealousy or any of the other negative emotions and actions humans are clearly capable of, then this is not consistent with the teachings of Wicca and, again, is likely to result in a spell that simply does not manifest.

So, there are many reasons why a spell, be it a love spell or otherwise, may backfire. However most revolve around sending spells with good intent, benevolence if you will, and they also necessitate using a practitioner who is experienced and acts not only with skill and knowledge but one who also adheres to the Wiccan principles and faith.

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