House Energies and Rulerships

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House Energies and Rulerships

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The First House

  • The energy of Aries fills this house.
  • The ruler is Mars.
  • The Ascendant. Your projected behavior, temperament, how you react to those around you, your appearance and self-expression is learned and perfected in this house. The ascendant is the gateway to the first house. The natural self surveys and integrates all energies that move through this house to create identity.

The Second House

  • The energy of Taurus fills this house.
  • The ruler is Venus.
  • Your material side. Security, gains, losses, financial condition and your concern about these matters. The sense of values and what one holds dear is experienced first through learned support and then through acquisition. Physical reward is sought and found within this house. The sign of the second house cusp is the gateway to discover one’s inner resources and reserves.

The Third House

  • The energy of Gemini fills this house.
  • The ruler is Mercury.
  • Mental aptitudes, early childhood, everyday communication and early education. Communication on a day-to-day basis is learned within this house. Reading, writing, speaking and sounds of silence are experienced here… Brothers, sisters, neighbors and the schoolroom influence these lessons in young life. The desire to seek and find information and interaction is felt here. Close friends that form new thought and create greater curiosity are frequent visitors to this house. The sign of the third house cusp is the gateway to all forms of communication and the discovery of the sound silence. Data is collected here and stored for future use.

The Fourth House

  • The energy of Cancer fills this house.
  • The ruler is the Moon.
  • Domestic affairs and conditions, Mother, the home and the family life. The comforts or discomforts of home are experienced in this house. Securities and insecurities lurk in the corners and the basis of our emotional make-up is formed here. The gateway of the fourth house is that sign which stands at the cusp. It is through this gateway that we find our way back to the inner child for new birth.

The Fifth House

  • The energy of Leo fills this house.
  • The ruler is the Sun.
  • Love affairs, your children, luck and speculation. The atmosphere of creativity abounds here! Self expression in the form of acting out one’s drama as an emanating force is experienced here. Recreation and procreation manifest here also. The acts of many plays in life originate in this house. the sign on the cusp of the fifth house is the gateway to the stage on which we act out our destiny and display it creatively for others. The playfulness of the human heart is demonstrated here.

The Sixth House

  • The energy of Virgo fills this house.
  • The ruler is Mercury.
  • The work environment, the routine, health issues and hygiene.Mental energy finds purpose in this house. Information is analyzed and integrated here for the business of perfecting and discerning knowledge for practical purpose. The healthiness of ideas are considered here. Knowledge is assimilated and corrections are made… in body, mind and spirit. The sign on the cusp of the sixth house is a gateway to healing and integrating our learning experiences toward new growth and realization. Both our inner teacher and our inner healer, haunt the halls.

The Seventh House

  • The energy of Libra fills this house.
  • The ruler is Venus.
  • Marriage, partnership, business partners and joint endeavors. Love expression converts from the “I” to the “we” here. The desire to balance opposites and be attracted to those energies different from ourselves is born here. Closest friends, lovers and open enemies join us here. The balancing of the scales of justice in our relationships and the accord of the mind and heart find expression here. The sign at the cusp of the seventh house is the gateway to relationships that serve our higher purpose… but not always our daily needs. It is within this courtyard that we learn to love our enemies and find true friends.

The Eighth House

  • The energy of Scorpio fills this house.
  • The ruler is Pluto.
  • Attitude towards life and death, possessions of others, sex, regeneration, legacies and what our partners bring to the table. The term legacies must be expanded to include not only money but education, equipment or any other help recieved from partners in this life time. The sign at the cusp of this house, guards the gateway to rediscovery of our own needs in the balance of the great mysteries of life.

The Ninth House

  • The energy of Sagittarius fills this house.
  • The ruler is Jupiter.
  • Religion, philosophy, higher learning, distant travel and foreign countries. This is the house of expansion. We expand our consciousness, our minds and our experiences through this house! The awareness of our world, our universe and Spirit increases as we absorb the energies in this house. Our concept of abundance is born here and evolves to a higher level. The sign that lies at the cusp of this house typifies our great teacher. It is through this gateway that we experience the view of awareness.

The Tenth House

  • The energy of Capricorn fills this house.
  • The ruler is Saturn.
  • Reputation, social status, fame or lack of, career and father. This house is the manifestation and foundation that we create through our knowledge and enlightenment. It is the tried and true structures of our survival and existence. Here our aspirations find solid purpose and fulfillment. Organization, government and institutions of higher learning are born here. The sign at the cusp of this house is our inner disciplinarian and the respect we feel for those who have much to teach us.

The Eleventh House

  • The energy of Aquarius fills this house.
  • The ruler is Uranus.
  • Friends, clubs, organizations, associations, goals, hopes and wishes. Within this house we find the courage to challenge authority and find a better way. Innovation and revelation for the future is considered here. Glimpses of the future of what we can become are seen through every window. The sign at the cusp of this house typifies our greatest hopes for humanity.

The Twelfth House

  • The energy of Pisces fills this house.
  • The ruler is Neptune.
  • The subconscious mind, hidden resources, hidden problems and one’s undoing. Within this house, one discovers all things unseen! Psychic intuition, dreams and signs that lead the way to our destiny adorn the walls of this house. The sign that guards the cusp of this house, typifies our conscience and our imagination. Within this house, one can experience the greatest peace, or the greatest turmoil.

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