Can You Tell if Someone Cast a Love Spell on You?

Under a Love Spell

Can You Tell if Someone Cast a Love Spell on You?

Last Updated on April 25, 2018 by Coven of the Goddess

When we think about magic and casting spells often that is all we think about, the fact that we have the ability to cast a spell toward someone else. Clearly though, if someone is casting spells then there must also be a recipient and sometimes it could be you.

Although people often want to know if any kind of spell has been cast toward them, one that they want to know about in particular is the Love Spell. So, can you tell if a love spell has been sent to target you?

Although there are many subtle indicators to check when any kind of spell has been cast, when it comes to love spells in particular there are many specific things which you can check on. If you think about what you would hope to do by casting a love spell then all you have to consider is what would happen if that situation were to be reversed.

That Special Someone

Firstly, you have to sit back and think if any one particular person seems to be on your mind a lot recently. It might be someone as distant as a guy or girl you see on the way in to work, or even a work colleague themselves. It might even be someone you have always considered to be a good friend but, for whatever reason, never allowed your feelings for them to go any deeper. Often you aren’t really aware that someone in particular is on your mind, until they are never out of it. So, sit back and sift out your thoughts, is that special someone lurking there more often than they did before?


Quite frequently spells manifest in dreams long before they start to manifest in the conscious. When you go to sleep are you finding that someone in particular is appearing in dreams that are more vivid than usual? Maybe you are not even consciously aware of it, but are finding now that you are looking forward to sleeping and the dreams that follow. Dreams, possibly more than any other situation, are often a very good clue that a spell has been cast in a multitude of situations.

Subconscious Acts

What you might also experience if a love spell has been cast is that you are drawn to particular places or people without really knowing why. Of course, in reality the spell is working its magic and pulling you toward the person in question. You might also find yourself thinking of certain things, paying more attention to your appearance and generally acting a little out of character.

Sex and Passion

Another good clue that a love spell has been cast toward you is that you will feel an increase in your own sexuality and passion. You will become aware of your own sensuality, it will occupy your mind for more time than it did and, quite frequently, your imagination will let your mind wander but, of course, with only that one special person in mind.

All this things can be good clues that a love spell has been cast toward you. Most often these spells will not reach their destination unless there is a mutual attraction between you anyway, so you can generally accept that, somewhere in your subconscious, you do see yourself as being with this individual romantically even if you never accepted it before.

Now it is up to you to take action. The spell has been cast, the clues are most certainly there, and if you are going to make a move at any time at all, then this is the most appropriate moment.

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