Litha – Summer Solstice Ritual

Litha Ritual

Litha – Summer Solstice Ritual

Last Updated on December 18, 2017 by Coven of the Goddess

The Handmaiden will cover the altar in orange and yellow to honor summer. Seasonal flowers will honor the abundance of the Goddess. A bowl of summer time herbs will honor the Sun. Holy water and unlit fire await the ritual.

Coven Members needed:

  • High Priestess
  • Crone
  • Handmaiden
  • Summoner
  • East Watchtower
  • South Watchtower
  • West Watchtower
  • North Watchtower

Summoner brings guest into circle.

High Priestess

(anoints all who enter)

Fires of creation within you burn, for once again the Wheel has turned.
All will Cast and Consecrate Circle together


(invocation of the Fairies)

Divas of Spirit, fairies all, hearken to our Solstice call! Dance and pay honor to the sun’s mighty spark, dance fairies dance as we harken the dark.

High Priestess


The Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year and the sun is full. It’s light allows us clarity of all we truly seek to see. It is a time to banish our shadows to the sun as it begins to wane with the season. The Goddess is abundant and awaiting the harvest to come. Her strength stays with the land as t the sun turns away. As we know “as above, so below” we turn now “as before, so behind” and the circle that is life continues.


(light fire)

My Goddess, the Earth basks in your warmth. We pay great Honor to your fire


(fill water)

My Goddess, you have brought forth the meadow to bloom. We pay honor to your blessings

High Priestess

(dedicate herbs and share with all)

By the bounty of the Goddess, bless these sacred herbs.

All will burn their herbs/shadows and turn towards their harvest to come.

High Priestess

Mother Goddess, bless this water that it may bless and protect me through the turning of the wheel

All will cleanse in the water and give thanks of their harvest to come.


My Goddess may the rays of mid summer bless me, nourish me as they fade in to the fall.


My Goddess, may your blessings sustain me as I journey with you through the turning of the wheel. Give me the strength and courage to walk the path you set before me.

High Priestess

In this sacred space we are all sisters of the Goddess, we are of one blood. In her love we tend the harvest of her light that will nourish us through the waning of the sun. Blessed Be

Pass between the fire and water as the Goddess turns away from the sun to begin the journey inward.

Chant goddess song.

Celebration of Circle

Wine & Cake

Blessed Be this Cake and Wine,
the Body and the Blood of the Mother
May You never hunger (passes bread) Blessed Be.
May You never thirst (passes wine) Blessed Be.

High Priestess

Gracious Goddess as we close our circle we ask that our path always be in your light.


All give personal thanks to the Goddess

Dismiss Watchtowers


The circle is open but unbroken. Merry Meet, Merry Part and Merry Meet again.

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  • Emma Reply

    Happy summer solstice! Thank you for the wonderful guide on celebrating this special holiday for me. According to astrology, the mighty Sun helps us open ourselves and encourages us to strive for independence. Each Zodiac sign changes completely during the occurrence of the sun. Be like the sun – shine!

    June 17, 2020 at 12:31 am

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