How Love Spells Work

How Love Spells Work

How Love Spells Work

Love spells can work in many different ways and really require only one thing in respect of the person who has cast the spell or had it cast on their behalf: faith. Yet, as explained in previous articles, both faith and positive thinking cannot be genuinely manifested through thin air, they need to have an underpinning foundation. Wicca, unlike many other forms of worship, requires you to have faith in something that you can actually see and experience each and every day – the natural world around you. So, providing you acknowledge the magnificence of the natural world, the ecology and make note of its need to ensure our survival then your faith will also be well founded.

What a love spell doesn’t need to work though is for the target to have faith. Clearly many people will not have been introduced to Wicca except in its broadest context and so it is unreasonable to require them also to have faith. Yet the spell still works for those people, because your belief is strong enough to carry the magic through to its conclusion.

Attracting the Right Person

Love spells work on mutual attractions and compatibility. This might be with someone you already know well, know as a social acquaintance or work colleague or even someone who you have seen but never communicated with. Love spells can also work under the same criteria but on a person who you have never set eyes on but who, no doubt, is a soul-mate in waiting.

Awakening Love

All love spells plant in the mind of the target what can only be described as an ‘awakening.’ Whether the subject knows you or not, they will start to be filled with an awareness which, at least initially, appears to have no direct link to anything or anyone. Then, depending on the strength of their current association with you, direct thoughts about you will start to enter their mind. If they are already acquainted with you then their true feelings for you will start to be revealed. They will find you enter not only their conscious thoughts but also their subconscious thoughts by way of their dreams.

If they have no current or previous acquaintance with you they might find that they are drawn to a particular location or perhaps business – one, of course, where they are likely to find you. They might then find they are thinking of joining a particular club, or even a specific social media site. They will be thinking of a person who, initially, is a mystery to them but, when they finally see you, will realize who you are immediately.

Blossoming Love

So the love spell really plants seeds. And, if there is mutual compatibility then those seeds will sprout and grow and ultimately blossom into romance and love. These spells only work though on the right person. They will not work on someone who is not right for you. They will not work on someone to manipulate their thoughts and emotions. All love spells can do is work their magic on the right person.

Use love spells as you should when casting any spell, thoughtfully. In addition to you not needing to waste precious energies on targeting the wrong person, you would not either wish to get up any false hopes. Trying to manipulate someone into loving you never works in the long term and, when it comes to love spells, they will only work on the right person for you anyway.

But if you are certain the right person simply needs their emotions awakening, then choose the love spell most suitable for your needs and let the romance work its magic.

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  • Andrea McFarland Reply

    Which spell would I need to do to get a crush back? I know he likes me because we had a few dates and we kissed and made plans but he stopped communication from me all of a sudden and I don’t know why? But he is a great guy but I don’t understand? Thank you.

    May 6, 2020 at 6:37 pm

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