Elements of Your Zodiac Sign

Elements of the Zodiac

Elements of Your Zodiac Sign

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Fire Signs

There are three Fire Signs; Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Fire signs embody the idea of “the spark of life”, the will to live and the primal energy that ignites and sustains all existence. Fire types tackle life in an uncomplicated way; confronting obstacles they meet head on, with almost child-like innocence. They can be disarmingly direct and honest, even when serving their own interests.

Fire people need space to express themselves freely and spontaneously. They are direct, assertive and passionate in their convictions, never lacking in confidence. People with an abundance of fire in their signpost are self-motivators and easily convince others of their leadership abilities. The down side to this is a lack of consistency and the patience to deal with details.

Fire Dominate People: An excess of Planets in Fire signs in a natal chart fuels restless enthusiasm, these people are so full of energy they never know when to stop. On the other hand they can be arrogant, domineering, over-confidant, vain, and lacking in empathy.

Fire Lacking People: For those with few or no Planets in Fire signs in their natal chart; pragmatism is likely to take preference over passion. They often suffer from loss of vitality and a tendency to be despondent, caving in easily in the face of adversity. They can also be inclined to always expect the worse; although they can take long periods to recover from major setbacks they have endless reserves of patience.

Earth Signs

Unlike Fire, Earth is a stabilizing influence. People with a healthy amount of planets in Earth signs have little difficulty in adapting to the limitations of physical reality. Often bless with physical stamina and self-discipline, they will usually persevere when others give up. Earth types may not be fired with a strong sense of vision, but they can compensate for this shortcoming with a fine instinct for what can and cannot be done. In short, Earth enables dreams to become a reality.

Earth signs have highly developed sense of stewardship and can be relied on to take care of the affairs on which other more flighty and fluid signs have difficulty concentrating. As might be expected, Earth also has a strong affinity with nature, and people with planets in these signs may devote their energies to supporting or working with environmental issues.

Earth Dominant People: an excess of Planets in Earth signs in a natal chart often indicates an instinct for maintaining the status quo against instability and change. At best, these people make stout defenders of traditional values. At worst, they can be highly acquisitive, concerned only with indulging their fondness for money, food, sex and all the pleasures of the flesh.

Earth lacking People: Those with few or no Planets in Earth signs in their natal charts often find it difficult to keep their feet on the ground, or to get grips with the practical essentials of everyday life. They may also have problems settling down or finding fulfilling work. Lacking the grounding of Earth, they also are likely to suffer from destabilizing mood swings and can have an unhealthy disregard for their daily body needs.

Air Signs

There are three Air signs; Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Air is concerned with the realm of ideas, perception and the rational mind. It symbolizes the winds of change that bring fresh opportunities for growth. The Air signs embody the concept of dissemination – exchanging and spreading information.

Air is the Element of creative thought. That does not mean that people with this Element strong in their charts are astrology’s eggheads; they simply view the world from am objective perspective – detached from the swirling under currents of emotions and feelings. This gives them a “switchboard” mentality for processing vast amounts of information, which they can turn into abstract concepts or theories. At their best, their active analytical minds can make sense of the relationship between things.

Air types are sociable, for they need to exercise their minds through the constant exchange of ideas. While this makes them natural communicators, it is no guarantee that what they have to say has much substance. The lack of emotional depth that characterizes this Element means that many Air types feel more at ease when skimming along life’s surface.

Air Dominate People: People with an excess of Planets in Air signs in their natal charts are usually extremely restless. Their over –  active minds make them hungry for new experiences, but they rarely settle long enough to form genuinely intimately relationships. With their heads lodged firmly in the clouds, keeping a grip on the day-to-day affairs of life might prove as challenge too far, unless they match their huge reserve of mental energy with self-discipline.

Air Lacking People: people with few or no planets in Air signs in their natal chart often struggle to articulate their thoughts or ideas. They may also lack the social graces that mark the Air signs masters of small talk, and they can find it difficult to get along with others easily or adapt to new ideas. At worst, these people find it hard to distance themselves from, or to anticipate the effect of, their action.

Water Signs

There are three Water signs; Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Water is concerned with emotion and feeling. It symbolizes the ocean, which all life is believed to have begun. The Water signs embody the concept of intuition – the process by which the world is perceived directly, by passing rational or conscious thought.

Of all the Elements, Water is the most profound, and the most difficult to define. It seeps into all areas of life that is inaccessible to the other Elements, which is why it is associated with a subconscious emotional forces. Those born under the Water signs are generally highly sensitive and either wears their emotions on their sleeves or try to hide them from view. Their subtle attunement to their surroundings means that they often have a nebulous sense of self, leaving them unable to distinguish between their own and other’s feelings. On the positive side, Water types are protective, Nurturing and compassionate, with a fine understanding of the emotional currents to which we are all prey. But raw exposure to emotionally charged atmospheres makes them defensive. As a result the need for privacy, to shut out the excesses of the outside world, is very marked.

Water Dominant People:  people with an excess of Planets in Water signs in their natal chart often feel emotionally all at sea. The harsh realities of human existence can at times overwhelm them, and they tend to over-dramatize their emotions. Unless they can find an outlet for their extremely sensitive natures, they can become self-absorbed and fearful of what life holds in store. They may seek to escape from the rough and tumble of the outer world through a life of solitude, drink or drugs.

Water lacking People: a lack of Planets in Water signs in a natal chart indicates people who are cut off from their feelings, dismissing their value altogether. They are also likely to show little sympathy for others’ emotional needs. To the outer eye they may appear self-contained, but usually masks inner feelings of emptiness. Ironically, these types often look to emotionally rich partners to fill the void.

Some comparisons of the Elements in the Sign Post of Famous People

Marilyn Monroe
Jun 1, 1926, 09:30
Los Angeles, CA, USA
AIR element dominates
Second most frequent FIRE
Lack of Earth

George W. Bush
Jul 6, 1946, 07:26
New Haven, CT, USA
FIRE element dominates
Second most frequent AIR
Lack of Earth

Tiger Woods
Dec 30, 1975, 22:50
Long Beach, CA, USA
FIRE element dominates
Second most frequent EARTH
Lack of Water

Bill Clinton
Aug 19, 1946, 08:51
Hope, AR, USA
AIR element dominates
Second most frequent FIRE
Lack of Water

Diana, Princess of Wales
Jul 1, 1961, 19:45
Sandringham, United Kingdom
EARTH element dominates
Second most frequent WATER
Lack of Fire

Prince Charles of Wales
Nov 14, 1948, 21:14
London, United Kingdom
FIRE element dominates.
Second most frequent EARTH
None Lacking

Bill Gates
Oct 28, 1955, 10:00
Seattle, WA, USA
WATER element dominates
Second most frequent FIRE
Lack of Earth

Hilary Clinton
Oct 26, 1947, 20:00
Chicago, IL, USA
WATER element dominates
Second most frequent FIRE
Lack of Earth

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