How Long Does it Take for a Spell to Work

How long for a Spell to Work

How Long Does it Take for a Spell to Work

This is probably one of the most often asked questions and yet there can be no definitive reply to cover all spells which are cast.

The Moon

Some spells are dependent on the lunar cycle, or the moon as it waxes and wanes and often have to be cast on a particular day. This, of course, means that even initial casting might be delayed but it is quite usual for this to occur.

Variations in Situations

Other spells may take longer to work depending on circumstances. Take for example, love spells. If you are seeking to put something right in your immediate relationship or looking for new love with someone who is quite close to hand, then in all likelihood the spell might work much quicker than in other circumstances. If you are seeking your soul mate but they are distanced from you. Or maybe it is someone you have never even met before. Then quite likely the spell would have to negotiate other situations before any positive results became apparent. Perhaps by instilling thoughts of you in their minds and other triggers which might lead them to you.

Auras and Negativity

In other situations there may be auras to cleanse before the spell can begin to work. If there is a lot of negativity surrounding the target which stems from your previous relationship. Even restoring friendships and business acquaintances can necessitate negativity and objections to be overcome. So, in some cases it is probably better to remember that before bridges can be built the foundations surely have to be set in place.

The Correct Selection

There is also the matter of whether or not you have selected the correct target and your motives and intentions are genuine and honorable rather being driven by selfish thoughts and needs. In respect of some situations, such as the desire to settle debts and perhaps help someone who is sick and has requested your intervention, then these things are rarely influenced by intention. However, when it comes to targeting someone with a love spell or something similar, then you must be certain that you are not simply trying to make someone fall in love with you if, for example, they have previously made clear they have no romantic inclination toward you. Of course, in many situations you might have no such clear indications so you would be free to cast a spell and wait to see if there are any positive responses.

In another scenario, you might be well aware that someone you consider to be the perfect partner, is already in another, apparently happy, relationship. In such cases it would be wrong to cast a spell and the likelihood is that you might wait forever for it to work because you would be flying in the face of the principles of the Wiccan faith.

So remember that for your spell to work effectively, you must always think carefully and consider the possible implications before you ask for it to be cast. Doing things for the wrong reasons and likely never to reach fruition and, even if they do, the outcome is unlikely to be pleasant in the long term.

Faster with Faith

In addition to practicalities another aspect is, once again, that of faith. As well as casting a spell with genuine intention your faith must also be genuine. Hoping the spell will work or simply paying lip service to the principles of Wicca are not enough to see your spell reach a rapid and positive conclusion. Even if you are not a practicing Wiccan, it is still necessary for you to believe in the founding principles of it for the spell to work to the maximum effectiveness.

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