Goddess Freya

Goddess Freya

Goddess Freya

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She is called the Lady, the Great Goddess, famed for her great beauty, and indeed is often known as “The Fair One”, but she is so much more. She is Freya, the Goddess of the Norse; enchantress, leader of the Valkyries, ruler over the dead in Valhalla and the Sage who inspires all women in their creative endeavors. She is a Goddess of love, fertility, prosperity, magick, destiny, shape-shifting, shamanism, childbirth, children, home, protection, weaving and when called upon – WAR. Around Her neck she wears the “Brisingamen” necklace of amber , made of the 4 elements, that allows her courage over all obstacles. Wrapped in a falcon cloak, she is able to shape-shift into a bird of prey, to satisfy her need of solutions. In one hand she carried a staff of wisdom that transforms into a sword at need. At her belt, holding her dress together, a charm pouch. In Germany Freya is considered the same Goddess as Frigg. Animals sacred to Goddess Freya are forms of cat, weasels and birds of prey.

In her aspect as the maiden Gullveig, She is Goddess of the peaceful realm of the Vanir, one of two tribes in the Norse myth of creation. While visiting the second tribe, the Great Aesir, Her youthful love of gold induce the wrath and fury of Her hosts and they tried to strike her down with fire. Three times they torched the Goddess and three times she rose from the flames laughing at their foolishness of believing her power and wisdom could be destroyed. A great war was fought for many years between the tribes over the treatment of the maiden Gullveig.

Goddess Freya represents the Mother as her chariot is pulled across the sky by her two large male cats, Brygun and Trejgun. Her sacred necklace of gold, the Brisingamen, is the circle of sunfire whose round is the solar year. As Mother, Her absence in the winter leaves the Earth covered in a cloak of mourning awaiting Her return in the Spring.As the Crone, Heidi is another aspect of Freya , the Wise Woman Witch that wonders the world casting spells and prophesying. As Heidi, Goddess Freya taught women-kind Seidr, Her secret female-only teachings. This is an extremely powerful form of Shamanic magick and spirituality that was unfortunately labeled evil and most of Freya’s teachings were destroyed with the spread of Christianity.

As women and Witches Goddess Freya’s presence in our life is empowering. Through Her teachings we are reminded of the triple Goddess of self. The Maiden filled with desires and adventure in life and love, the Mother filled with the courage to call forth the warrior of self – true to our own authenticity in Goddess and the Crone whose ancient magick we embrace in balance. Tonight under the magick of Her moon we gather as witches to celebrate Goddess Freya and Her blood that runs true through our veins.

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  • Ruben E Collins Reply

    I call to you my fair goddess. I am your servant and brother. I need your help in this great time of dissention. I humbly ask for you to awakening the vaettir on my behalf to detour those that oppose me. I pledge my allegiance to you. I am the son of Odin and his blood runs through my veins. I call upon you tonight. Hail.Freya
    Hail Odin for his might and.my brother Thor Hail Thor

    July 3, 2021 at 10:02 pm

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