Goddess Circe

Goddess Circe

Goddess Circe

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Goddess Circe sometimes pronounced Kirkę – properly pronounced in traditional ancient Greek as Sur’-see
Her origins and myths are plenty in Greek mythology. In one She is said to be the daughter of the Sea Nymph Perseis and the Sun God Helios, in another she is said to be the daughter of Goddess Hecate and Hermes. Her associations with Goddess Hecate are plentiful, from maiden servant, to student, to selling Her soul to Hecate in return for Hecate’s magick.

In all myths of Goddess Circe, She is known as powerful Sorceress and Enchantress of magick. With flaming red hair She is portrayed brewing and offering potions with wand in hand, flying on a magick staff or holding a crystal ball. She lived on the enchanted island of Aeaea off the coast of Italy, where she lured sailors with Her song. It was said by many the island itself was magickal as its name was the same backwards as it was forward and once upon Her shores the sailors would be lost forever. Goddess Ceres took many lovers and many a tale warned of their fate as swine after She had her fill of them.

In translation Circe means falcon and in many myths She is associated with the bird of prey. It is said She would circle her victims as She enchanted them and offered Her potions of hallucinations. Tales of trees dancing and the ground shaking to confuse and distort the path kept many a sailor from grounding on Her Island. How Goddess Circe must have laugh as she toyed with any who dare challenge the sanctuary of the Goddess. Other stories told about Goddess Circe marrying a Prince to gain ruler-ship over a kingdom near the Black Sea then poisoning him to rule alone. Once Her subjects discovered Her crime Goddess Circe fled in exile to an enchanted island where she lured and was scorned by many lovers.

One lover who scorned Her for another woman resulted in Her wrath turning him into a woodpecker and yet another tale resulted in the other woman being turned into a serpent.

The most famous tale of all is of Odysseus, hero of Homer’s epic poem, who with his crew was sent into uncharted waters by the wrath of Poseidon while returning home from the Trojan War. Of course the tale is spun not in favor of the Goddess Ceres but Odysseus. It is said his men were turned into swine and only by winning the heart of the Goddess was he able to convince Her to undo Her evil magick and free his men. Of course the story goes on to tell of the many children Goddess Circe bore with Odysseus and the journey he was allowed into Hades under Her guide. Great wisdom was Odysseus granted on a journey that would have been impossible without Her magick. A little controversy there in opposition of the evil or good of Goddess Ceres.

In other myths not only did She turn men into beast but women who foolishly crossed her into serpents as well. We can only believe this must be the words of those who feared Her powers opposed to other myths where immorality came with the transformation and it was shape shifting and magick that was witnessed. The women not serpents at all but Priestesses under Her training.

Other tales of Goddess Circe tell of a compassionate Goddess whose beauty was intoxicating as She sat upon a throne in a purple robe and golden veil singing and weaving. Many describe Her Island as paradise and Her attendants as nymphs or priestesses who tended the plants and flowers of Her herbarium. That it was as Avalon, a sanctuary to all that sought the Mysteries.

As Witches tonight let us embrace the powerful Goddess and Sorceress that is Goddess Circe. She who could darken the heavens by hiding the moon or the sun behind summoned clouds, She who could give illusion to Her enemies and have men lust after Her as pigs and She who tended the Maidens in the mysteries of witchcraft.

Goddess Circe has withstood the twisted tales of time as Goddess has in Her many aspects, let us embrace Her power to choose and protect her fate. Let us mirror her choice to live in magick and enchantment for the mysteries are ours as daughters of Goddess Circe.

As Goddess Circe spins Her magick let us be reminded of the magick of potions and incantations we possess. As She would ride upon Her magick staff let us take to the astral planes on our broom and tend our own enchanted island.

Hail to Goddess Circe and hail to Her power that lives within our breath and heart beat.

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  • Samuel Owens Reply

    Your eyes are fierce and see through stone into sadness. You need not name them to feel your own grace and power and love. To be human is to be truly worshiped by the gods. They name themselves when comfortable. The love away from lonely. I am fierce and strong and lovely. If you are too you need not know my name. Life will love you.

    October 1, 2020 at 9:15 pm
  • Yolanda Reply

    Thank you. I love this.

    July 14, 2019 at 9:18 am
  • Steve Reply

    This was very useful, I have been writing and dreaming a lot about Circe recently and all the things you said in this article I have experienced. The island, shape shifters, snakes and the wood pecker. I find it fascinating that I have read no information about her until now and have seen a lot of the same things. Amazing. Thank you

    June 18, 2018 at 5:26 am

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