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Cleansing and Attuning Tools

Psychic grunge is attracted to psychic activity, it is heavy and will stick to anything you hold precious. This spell is to cleanse your tools and attune them to your spirit. Items needed for cleansing and attuning your tools: All tools including book of shadows (all magick items) in a basket small table set up to left of altar red wine consecrated water and salt vial of oil red candle dove's blood sage stick incense Gather all items in a full [...]

Herbs for Magickal and Medicinal Purposes

There are two basic ways a witch can use herbs in her healing practices: For magickal purposes For medicinal purposes These methods may overlap, as herbs may be simultaneously used for medicinal and magical purposes. The ways in which herbs are prepared and used may also overlap, as herbal oils, incense, and teas may be used for both medicinal and magical purposes. Magickal Herbs In addition to their medicinal purposes, herbs can also be used in many forms of magic for healing [...]

The Metaphyscial Properties of Stones

I personally believe stones are a gift from the earth and have power and wisdom inside of them that reflect Goddess. They vibrate with the pulse of life that reflects Goddess - but the subtle little electric pulse really doesn't begin to explain why a piece of Labradorite is protective or why black Hematite can absorb negative energies. It is only when one accepts that we are all connected and that by becoming one with the reflection of Goddess [...]

Forms of Herbal Remedies

Infusions Infusions are a simple way of extracting the active principles of herbs through the action of hot water. The preparation of infusions is similar to way we prepare tea. This method is used to extract the volatile components of the dried or green aerial parts of herbs and plants like flowers and leaves. Infusions may use single herbs or a blend and are drunk hot or cold. Certainly this is the most common and cheap method of extracting the [...]

Magick Mirrors and Scrying Spells

Divination has fascinated human beings since the dawn of time, it seems. Life has always been uncertain, and we have always wanted to know what is coming. Perhaps it is impatience. Perhaps it is a desire to control the world around us. Whatever the reason, we seem to have always been able to find individuals with special skills and special tools to forecast our fates. Mirrors have played an integral part in the art of scrying to see the [...]

Herb Lore and Magick

Acacia - Protection, Psychic Powers Adam & Eve Roots - Love, Happiness Adders Tongue - Healing African Violet - Spirituality, Protection Agaric - Fertility Agrimony - Protection, Sleep Ague Root - Protection Alfalfa - Prosperity, Anti-hunger, Money Alkanet - Purification, Prosperity Allspice - Money, Luck, Healing Almond - Money, Prosperity, Wisdom Aloe - Protection, Luck Aloes, Wood - Love, Spirituality Althea - Protection, Psychic Powers Alyssum - Protection, Moderating Anger Amaranth - Healing, Protection, Invisibility Amber - Success, [...]

Magic Wands

“It is not the wizard that chooses the wand, Harry, it is the wand that chooses the wizard.” This is a line from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Though true wands of today do not contain the tail of a Phoenix or the heartstrings of a Dragon, they are just as important to a working witch as they are to the characters of the movie. With movies like the Harry Potter series, The Craft, Lord of the Rings [...]

A Witches Altar

I like to think of altars as a witch’s “home base.” They are the physical foundation of a witch’s spiritual practice and can be erected on a permanent, a semi-permanent, specific, or even spontaneous basis. This section of the class will talk about the various ways and reasons to create altars for our practice. Like meditation, many spiritual traditions utilize altars. The altar becomes a focal point of the ritual or practice. It is also a work space where the [...]

Sacred Space & Sacred Practices

Meditation Meditation is a practice that is utilized by every faith tradition. The form of meditation that I will be teaching in this class is the practice that I have learned from the Tibetan Buddhist lineage. This is the first level of mastering the mind for magickal work. At its most basic, meditation is the practice of clearing & quieting the mind. This is easier than it sounds. Our minds are constantly humming with activity. A meditation practice works to create [...]

A Witch’s Tools

There is one important thing a Witch must remember: tools do not make a Witch; A Witch makes the tools. A Witch’s tools are an extension of Her intent and a means for Her intent to continue when life demands Her attention.. Desire, visualization and belief are a Witch’s tools of the soul and empower Her Earthly tools. Pentacle The Pentagram, the five-pointed star that represents the craft. It is one of a Witch’s most powerful tools as it represents all [...]

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