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How Love Spells Work

Love spells can work in many different ways and really require only one thing in respect of the person who has cast the spell or had it cast on their behalf: faith. Yet, as explained in previous articles, both faith and positive thinking cannot be genuinely manifested through thin air, they need to have an underpinning foundation. Wicca, unlike many other forms of worship, requires you to have faith in something that you can actually see and experience each [...]

Can a Spell Bring Back My Ex?

Losing a lover is commonplace and, most often, we aren’t too deeply affected by the break-up and in some cases we aren’t affected at all. But there are the rare occasions when we feel that something more than romance, passion or commonality has been lost. We feel that we have lost the opportunity for a future together with someone who we felt was extra special. In such cases, and providing your intention is not purely selfish, our Return A Lost [...]

Can You Tell if Someone Cast a Love Spell on You?

When we think about magic and casting spells often that is all we think about, the fact that we have the ability to cast a spell toward someone else. Clearly though, if someone is casting spells then there must also be a recipient and sometimes it could be you. Although people often want to know if any kind of spell has been cast toward them, one that they want to know about in particular is the Love Spell. So, can [...]

The Difference between Karmic, Soulmate and Twin-Flame Relationships

Most people traverse the course of their life, not alone, but with someone. Indeed it is often one of the greatest fears of the human animal - that of being alone. But, no doubt, most of us settle for second best simply because of our innate fear of being alone. And also, of course, we often settle simply because society requires us to. Soulmates Yet frequently we hear of people searching for their soulmate. For that one individual who is our [...]

Reasons to use a Love Spell

When we think of love spells perhaps our minds tend to jump too easily to the conclusion that all love spells are about attracting new love, but this is certainly very far from the truth. There are many reasons for using a love spell and, as you will see, most of us have good cause for casting a spell involving love at some point in our lives. New Love If we are looking for new love, whether we are young or [...]

Do Love Spells Backfire?

When it comes to spells ‘backfiring’ the interpretation can be used to describe many different things and Love Spells backfiring are no more susceptible to this problem than any other spell which you might have cast on your behalf. The Right Practitioner As another article discusses there is much focus on secrecy when it comes to casting Wiccan spells and one reason for this is because spells, in the hands of the novice, can be miscast. In some situations this simply [...]

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