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The Moon Phases

The diagram shows the Moon in different positions along its orbit around the Earth. The Sun is off in the distance, lighting the Earth-Moon system. At any position, half of the Moon is illuminated by the Sun (the light side of the Moon) and half is not (the dark side). Also, half of the Moon is visible to the Earth (the near side of the Moon) and half is not (the far side). As the Moon moves around the [...]

Esbats – A 13 Moon Journey to Enlightenment

As daughters of Goddess, we believe the Full Moon to be a time of Magickal Workings in the Light of the Goddess. To see Her in all Her glory brings us humbly to our knees with the desire to be the best we can be. It is also our belief to be authentic is to be empowered and capable of great Magick. As a Witch I try to attune my life with Her and the cycles of Earth and [...]

Using Moon Energy in your Spells

The Esbats (Full and New Moons) are considered to be days and nights of work and are associated with the Moon, where as the Sabbats are associated to the Sun. The phase of the moon plays a large part in which a ritual or spell is performed as each phase of the moon is a special time when spells with certain qualities are stronger and more likely to work. Witches believe the spells conjured during these times will take [...]

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