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Goddess Dahut Vision Ritual

We will make vision masks tonight. Use unadorned masks from the craft store or cut them from felt and use ribbons for ties. Hand Maiden will place tray of masks on altar covered with rosemary. All materials (small stones, symbols, glitter, flowers, etc.) to be used on mask will be smudged with rosemary and placed on or near altar. The altar should be decorated to honor Goddess Dahut. Coven Members needed for: High Priestess Summoner Hand Maiden East Watchtower South Watchtower West...

Goddess Dahut

In times long forgotten, the Celts battled passionately against invasions of their homelands. Gradlon, one of many young pagans joined the battle to save his people. His bravery and honor became known throughout the land. The Celts fought endlessly but the English were ruthless and soon the Celts of Devon and Cornwall were cut off from the Celts of Wales. Gradlon fought in the crusade of his people to establish a new land, a land that would become Brittany where...

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