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Goddess Cerridwyn

Cerridwyn is the Welsh Nature Goddess. She tends the caldron of wisdom, knowledge and divine inspiration. It is told she lived on an island the middle of Lake Tegid, as does our Mother Earth exist as an island in the sky. Cerridwyn bore two children, a daughter of the light and a son of the shadow. Her daughter was thought to be beautiful and gave her much pleasure. Her son ugly, the shadow/unknown we all fear. For love of her son...

Cerriwyn’s Knowledge Ritual

All shall bring their cauldron or representation of cauldron. Goddess Cerridwyn Oil shall be placed upon the Altar. Six Herbs shall be prepared to represent Her Greal and shall be carried into Circle by those that will present them in Ritual. Coven Members needed for: Cut the Circle Water and Earth Fire and Air Bless the Circle Invoke Goddess High Priestess Hand Maiden Mother Crone Summoner East Watchtower South Watchtower West Watchtower North Watchtower Cake and Wine Summoner sage all that enter Circle Do...

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