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Mother Mary – Mari of Basque

Long ago in a rugged mountain area between what is now Spain and France, I was worshiped as Mari, also known as Mari of Basque, Mari Urraca, Anbotoko Mari ("the lady of Anboto"), and Murumendiko Dama ("Lady of Murumendi"). From the beginning my mysteries were held sacred and passed from one Elder to another without change. Basque was and is today a paradise. Its terrain of low mountains, dense forest and heavy vegetation make it a safe haven from outsiders. Its small...

Mother Mary Blue Moon Ritual

The Altar shall be prepared in honor of Mother Mary, also known as Mari of Basque. Coven Members needed for: Cut the Circle Water and Earth Fire and Air Bless the Circle Invoke Goddess High Priestess Hand Maiden Mother Crone Summoner East Watchtower South Watchtower West Watchtower North Watchtower Cake and Wine Summoner sage all that enter Circle Do you come in perfect love and perfect trust? Coven answers bless and dedicate all with Goddess Mari's Oil and pentacle over third eye chakra Sister to Sister in...

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